Radiological Physics Laboratory

The Radiological Physics Laboratory has a long history of innovation and leadership in research and development of new methods and devices for radiological imaging. The group is best known for its contributions to the development of digital mammography for needle core biopsy and also on the clinical deployment of full-field digital mammography. 

Our research explores new techniques for the detection of x-rays, image formation (planar and tomographic imaging), radiation dosimetry (experimental and computational techniques), and clinical translation of experimental technology. We work on the configuration of new hardware and software for improved x-ray imaging and for radiation dose reduction. 

Our main interests are in digital breast tomosynthesis, breast CT, body CT, x-ray phase contrast imaging, and x-ray fluorescence. Our team works closely with radiologists in the breast imaging section on the deployment of a new experimental dedicated breast CT that has been installed at UMass Memorial – one of only a half-dozen dedicated breast CT systems in the world under early clinical evaluation.