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Neuro Interventional Conferences

  • Every Tuesday there is an interdisciplinary conference that includes the division of neurology, neurosurgery, and radiology held to review imaging and case findings, as well as establish a clinical plan for patients with challenging cerebrovascular disorders.
  • Radiology and Neurology Grand Rounds are held throughout the year with visiting and local professors offering the opportunity to meet and learn from leading national authorities on a wide variety of topics.
  • Every Wednesday afternoon, the disciplines of Neurointervention, Trauma, Neurosurgery and Neurointensivist’s meet for the NeuroICU conference to discuss management of all NeuroICU patients.
  • Every Friday morning, the division of Neurointerventional Surgery has its clinical meeting to discuss the various trials and registries. In addition, potential projects and publications are discussed as well. Every Friday afternoon, NECStR research meeting is held to discuss progress of ongoing ventures, discuss collaborations with various other local, national and international leaders. Potential new projects are also discussed between the various participants. These platforms offer the seamless transition from basic science to clinical science.
  • The NECStR lab serves as a physician training site for multiple interventional devices and hosts several guest lecturers each year, providing additional opportunities for fellows to learn and advance technical skills.  


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