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The Musculoskeletal Division of the UMass Radiology Department is staffed by six, fellowship-trained radiologists who are committed to medical student training and graduate medical education. MSK Imaging Fellows are an integral member of the division, participating in daily patient care and facilitating the performance, interpretation, and timely reporting of MSK imaging studies. Fellows are also an essential member in the work-up and performance of MSK interventional procedures.

A wide range of diagnostic services including radiography, US, CT, MRI, CT and MR arthrography are complemented by an active MSK interventional service providing diagnostic arthrography, joint injections, and bone and soft tissue biopsies.

Fellows are exposed to a diverse patient population and wide range of musculoskeletal disease processes in both the hospital and outpatient settings. Our referrals include orthopedics, rheumatology, orthopedic oncology, spine, podiatry and sports medicine.

The fellows responsibilities include assisting the attending staff in resident education and training. The fellowship focuses on achieving a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of MSK imaging including MRI and CT imaging protocol optimization for sports medicine, bone and soft tissue neoplasms, rheumatologic disease and arthrography.

In addition to clinical activities, the fellows are trained in research methodology, manuscript preparation, and other activities essential to an academic career and objective interpretation of medical literature. Fellows will also receive formal white and yellow belt training as part of their formal training in quality, patient safety and process improvement.  This formal training will be part of a comprehensive instruction in quality, safety and process improvement within the MSK fellowship curriculum.  As part of this curriculum, the fellow will work with the Fellowship Director to develop a process improvement project which can be implemented during the academic year and supervised by the department’s Vice Chair of Quality.

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