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MRI Fellowship Program Goals

The MRI Fellowship Program at the University of Massachusetts provides comprehensive training in MRI in the diseases affecting nervous system, abdomen, chest and musculoskeletal diseases.  The goals of fellowship are twofold:

  1. To provide basic knowledge of clinical MRI physics.
  2. A broad exposure to use of MRI in different subspecialties.

The fellows are expected to accumulate a broad base of knowledge, develop clinical acumen, and learn protocols and consultation skills.  Fellows will work with experienced radiologists in the subspecialties and take advantage of the opportunity to develop his or her skills. In the early part of the training, fellows will work under supervision but will then be given progressively independent roles though which they will continue to get their cases signed off by the faculty.

Understanding the physics of MRI is an integral part of the Program and fellows are encouraged to sit with MRI technologists to learn the practical steps in various MRI techniques whenever possible.  

Research, though not mandatory, is important, and the fellows will have ample opportunity to coordinate with the faculty in the area of his or her interests.

At the conclusion of the fellowship, the fellow should have basic understanding of the MRI physics, be able to handle protocols, select the proper ones for different clinical problems, and be able to interpret common diseases.

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