Abdominal Conferences

Various interdepartmental as well as divisional conferences are held almost every day of the week and fellows are expected to participate in these conferences.

  • GI tumor board every Friday
  • Gynecology tumor board every Friday
  • Abdominal radiology case conference every Tuesday
  • GI/Rad conference one Tuesday every month             
  • GU tumor board one Wednesday twice month

Radiology resident teaching conferences are held every day throughout the year and fellows are welcome to attend these conferences, as service duties allow. Abdominal imaging-specific resident conferences are held between 2-3 times per month. Fellows are expected to prepare and present at least two conferences for the diagnostic radiology residents during their fellowship.

Radiology Grand Rounds are held throughout the year with prestigious visiting and local professors, offering the opportunity to meet and learn from leading national authorities on a wide variety of topics.