Dr. Allison Rosen participates in RWJF-sponsored Roundtable of Cost Measurement Experts in Washington, DC

Developing strategies to contain health care cost growth while preserve quality of care is critical to the success of health care reform, the stability of the U.S. health care system, and the fiscal health of the nation. Achieving this goal requires development of measurement tools to facilitate assessment of the effects of interventions on cost and quality. With this in mind, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) convened a panel of experts which met on June 8th in Washington DC to discuss issues related to measurement of spending.

Dr. Allison Rosen, an Associate Professor of Quantitative Health Sciences and a national leader in the measurement of health system value, was a participant in this invitation-only roundtable. The roundtable, which was comprised of national cost measurement experts from government, academia, the non-profit sector, and industry, provided a platform to discuss the current state of knowledge on health care cost measurement and to chart a research agenda for improving spending measurement for policy purposes. RWJF is preparing a report for public release based on the meeting proceedings and recommendations.

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