Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases and Vulnerable Populations

Faculty in the Division of Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases and Vulnerable Populations are involved in a wide variety of research projects in the areas of cardiovascular epidemiology, chronic disease epidemiology, neuroepidemiology, psychiatric epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, and epidemiologic methods. Faculty investigators in this Division are also actively involved in teaching in the medical school and in the graduate programs in clinical and public health research.

Robert Goldberg, PhD - Professor and Division Chief


Matthew Alcusky, PharmD, MS - Assistant Professor, Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases and Vulnerable Populations

Melissa Clark, PhD - Professor

Catherine Dube, EdD - Research Associate Professor

Anne Hume, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS - Professor

William Jesdale, PhD - Research Assistant Professor

Kate Lapane, PhD - Professor, Director, Clinical and Health Population Research Doctoral Program, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Eric Mick, ScD - Associate Professor

Ann Moorman, PhD, MPH - Associate Professor

Hoa Nguyen - Assistant Professor

Anthony Nunes, PhD - Assistant Professor

Jennifer Tjia, MD - Associate Professor

Mayra Tisminetzky, MD, PhD, MPH - Assistant Professor

Christine Ulbricht, PhD - Instructor

Molly Waring, PhD - Assistant Professor


Kelley Baron, Administrative Assistant

Darleen Lessard, Senior Biostatistician