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Vendor Information

It is important to the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) to do everything possible to ensure a quick payment turnaround for your business. By understanding and adhering to the UMMS policies, you can help to ensure timely and accurate payment.

Please note the following: 

The University of Massachusetts Medical School is delaying implementation of the new procurement requirements in OMB 2.CFR.200.320 until July 1, 2018.  The University will continue to comply with the procurement standards in the OMB guidance at 2 CFR ยง200.110(a) until that time.

NO BUSINESS is transacted without FIRST obtaining a valid purchase order number or Procurement Credit Card number from the purchaser. Please advise the purchaser if your company requires a confirming copy of any purchase order.


Click here to view the UMass Terms & Conditions


  1. Any goods received must contain a packing slip that clearly identifies those goods, as well as clearly identifies goods back ordered.
  2. Packing slips must contain the UMMS purchase order number or indicate "Procard" and the user name.
  3. Please include an attention line on packing slip indicating who to direct the shipment to, as well as their room number and building.


  1. Invoices must reference the UMMS purchase order number and BE SENT TO ACCOUNTS PAYABLE for any purchases made using a purchase order.  Credit card invoices should be directed to the name on the credit card, and the room number and building used in the "ship to" address. 
  2. Invoices must contain line item detail of the items purchased and the unit cost of each item.
  3. For time-based orders (leases,  service/maintenance contracts, etc.), you must secure a new or amended purchase order number to cover invoices beyond the end date.
  4. Credit memos must have the UMMS purchase order number from the original order; this ensures the credit to be taken promptly and accurately. Vendors may not apply open credits to any open balances UMMS might have.   Credits for payments made by credit card must be applied to the same credit card as used for the original payment.
  5. When calling Accounts Payable or Purchasing, please have your UMMS purchase order and your invoice number ready.
  6. Check and confirm that your "remit to" address is correct.


  1. Price for ONE is the price for ALL at UMMS.
  2. Your quote MUST state the percent off list and be in terms of UNIT price.
  3. Discounts must be taken off EACH LINE ITEM QUOTED, rather than off the bottom line.
  4. Quotes must be submitted in the same manner as your invoice.  

Any and all calls and mailing relative to business transacted through the purchase order system must reference the purchase order number.