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Current Fellows


Fellows - Third Year

ElitaDefeo copy.png  Elita DeFeo, DO

   Med School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
   Residency: UMass Medical Center

cropped NatashaDudiki copy.jpg

  Natasha Dudiki, MD

   Med School: Rangaraya Medical College
   Residency: St. Vincent Medical Center, Worcester, MA

Cropped JasonKovacevic copy.jpg

  Jason Kovacevic, MD

   Med School: Ross University School of Medicine
   Residency: UMass Medical Center, Worcester, MA

FellowsSecond Year

Cropped Evan Jones.jpg

  Evan Jones, MD

   Med School: Ross University School of Medicine
   Residency: University of Connecticut, Farmington, CT

Cropped LindseyBazzone.jpg

  Lindsey Bazzone, MD, PhD

   Med School: Tulane University School of Medicine
   Residency: UMass Medical Center, Worcester, MA

cropped ShaunToomey.jpg

  Shaun Toomey, MD

   Med School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
   Residency: UMass Medical Center, Worcester, MA

Fellows - First Year

Cropped KhabibDgayli.jpg

  Khabib Dgayli

   Med School:  American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine
   Residency: St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Boston, MA

Cropped Chris Yan.jpg  Chris Yan

   Med School: University of Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine
University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

Cropped ThomasSibert.jpg  Thomas Sibert

   Med School:  Drexel University of College of Medicine
   Residency: Drexel University of College of Medicine/UCLA