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Student/Employee Patrol - Suspicious Activity

Help your police department

There is no Police Department that functions effectively without the assistance of its citizens in the Community. The Police Department depends on you to call & tell them whenever you observe suspicious persons, motor vehicles, and activity.

Call the Police immediately when you observe any suspicious activity, and you do not need to identify yourself if you do not want to. Do not worry about being embarrassed if your suspicions prove to be false. Think about what might have happened if you did not call.

What is suspicious ? 
Anything that seems to even be slightly "out of place" for the area or during the time of day in which it occurs. The best way to articulate suspicion is : IF SOMETHING OR SOMEONE'S PRESENCE MAKES YOU FEEL THAT ALL IS NOT RIGHT, YOU NEED TO PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO THE POLICE.

Obvious things to look for

  • A stranger entering another employee's office when it is unoccupied.
  • A scream heard anywhere may mean trouble of some sort.
  • Items being sold at ridiculously low prices may mean the item may be stolen.
  • Anyone removing accessories, license plates or gas from a car.
  • Anyone looking onto parked cars may be looking to steal the car or it's contents.
  • Persons entering or leaving a place of an office, lab or clinic after hours.
  • Sounds of breaking glass or loud noise may mean a break-in, accident, or vandalism.
  • Persons loitering in non-public areas may be looking for trouble.

Unusual things to look for

People who come into the Medical Center are not necessarily criminals. There are many patients & visitors, as well as legitimate salesmen, repairmen and the general public that need to be at UMASS. However, criminals do take advantage of this by assuming the identity of legitimate business representatives or citizens. If a criminal looked like a criminal, no one would have any trouble spotting them. Here are some situations involving people you might see and what their actions might mean.

  • Someone is going from office to office, or lab to lab. Watch them for a while. If the person enters a vacant office or lab, or tries to open a closed door, that person may be looking to steal. It is even more suspicious if there is another person following behind the first person. General solicitation is not legal in the Medical Center.
  • A stranger is waiting in front of a closed door is suspicious if they stay there for a period of time, especially if they are challenged by an employee, and the person does not have a plausible answer.
  • Anyone who appears to force a door open, or tamper with the lock or doorknob is suspicious anywhere or anytime.
  • Heavy foot traffic to and from a certain area is suspicious if it occurs on a regular basis, especially if it happens during late or unusual hours.
  • Vehicles being loaded with Medical Center equipment or numbers of boxes is suspicious, especially if it is a private vehicle, or it occurs at a Medical Center Entrance, or Fire Exit.
  • Any person being forced into any type of vehicle.

Some suspicious situations may have an innocent explanation, however the Police Department would rather investigate a situation and find no trouble, than to be called too late.