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UMPD Operation Identification

1. Operation Identification: 
Operation Identification is a nationally recognized crime prevention project designed to protect your valuables from theft. This anti-theft program deters thieves from stealing your valuables by engraving a number on an item. This number can be traced to you all across the country, and will aid the police in recovery.

2. Operation ID was designed to: 
a. Assist the Police in locating the owner of found property & recovered stolen property
b. Discourage the activities of burglars & thieves
c. Assist the Police in apprehending & prosecuting criminals.

3. Three step process: 
a. Engraving the valuables, or use a UV pen on books & clothing
b. Display an OP ID sticker on a window or door
c. Keep a record of the marked items with descriptions & serial numbers

4. The engraving process:
a. We will lend the engravers out to the public, or
b. We will have officers do the engraving for you as a service

5. Where to engrave the items: 
a. Engrave in a prominent place AND in a less obvious area.
b. Engrave on a part that cannot be easily removed, preferably metal.

6. What numbers to engrave: 
a. Personal items should have the state drivers license number or state id number in the following format: MADL123456789 or MAID123456789 denoting the state of origin.
b. Businesses must make their own determination whether to use their own drivers license number, or their State Tax ID Number followed by Ma.
c. Institutions such as UMASS can use the Federal Tax Exempt Number followed by "MA" . I suggest that we also engrave the UMASS inventory control number on the item.

7. What to engrave: 
TV sets - stereo equipment - VCR's - car audio components - tape recorders - cameras - CB radios - sewing machines - computers - bicycles - appliances - typewriters

8. Photographs: 
We should photograph any items that are not practical to engrave, or that you do not want to engrave, such as jewelry.

9. Keep a list of all the property you engraved & photographed.