Workplace Theft

The high rise in office crime is attributed to two factors:

  1. The increasing value and portability of many kinds of equipment.
  2. Employees' carelessness about their personal belongings while on the job. Workplace crimes occur during business hours, when people are walking in and out and no one thinks twice about a stranger in an area. If challenged, the stranger will probably offer a plausible excuse. CALL THE POLICE FOR ANY SUSPICIOUS PERSON.

To safeguard your valuables:

  • Keep your purse, wallet, or other valuable items with you at all times, or LOCKED in a draw, closet, or locker. Lock your office when you will be away from your workplaces, and KEEP YOUR KEYS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.
  • If you want someone to have access to your office, issue a key to that person.
  • Do not place keys to desks and file cabinets under computer terminals, typewriters, or desk articles.
  • Underneath the desk or counter is the first place a thief looks for a ladies’ pocketbook. If you visit a restroom or cafeteria for lunch, carry your pocketbook. It might be inconvenient, but you will still have your checkbooks and credit cards that have a resale value to a thief.
  • If your workplace is a clinic or patient floor, use any lockers that may be provided for you. DO NOT rely on the combination lock that is on the locker. Bring your own padlock.
  • A wallet left in a suitcoat or labcoat in an empty office or secluded area is an open invitation to a thief.
  • Remove your wallet from your jacket at the beginning of the workday and place it in your back pocket.
  • Check the identity of any strangers who are in your work area. Ask whom they are visiting and if you can help them find that person. If this makes you uncomfortable, CALL THE POLICE DEPT about your suspicions.
  • Always let someone know where you will be, whether it’s coming in late, working late, going to the photocopier or mail room, going out to lunch or a meeting.
  • If you bring personal items to work such as a coffee pot, a radio, or a calculator, mark them with your initials.
  • Be discreet. Don’t advertise your social life or vacation plans and those of your coworkers to people visiting OR calling your place of work.


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