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About Sichuan University:

SCU ATTOCSichuan University (SCU) is located in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, southwest part of China. It is one of the national key universities directly under the State Ministry of Education (MOE) in China and one of the State "211 Project" universities receiving privileged government ATTOC China picturesupport in the Ninth Five-Year Plan period. SCU has the widest coverage of disciplines and the largest scale of operation in West China. There are 37 key disciplines at the national level, 14 "211 Project" key disciplines, 66 key disciplines at the provincial and ministerial level, 6 national bases for personnel training in basic disciplines and scientific research, and a teaching base for engineering courses. It has 27 first-class disciplines to grant Doctor's degree and Master's degree, 228 second-class disciplines to grant Doctor's degree, 345 Master programs, 9 specialized degree programs, and 26 post-doctor stations. The 121 bachelor programs cover the major fields in liberal arts, sciences, engineering, medicine and agriculture. SCU has more than 70 thousand students.