National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans Model Development and Implementation Core

Test Evidenced Based Practices
Develop New Practices
Provide Technical Assistance
Collaborate with Leading Experts

  1. Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Research Area
    1. MISSION-Vet HUD-VASH Implementation Study (2011-2015)
      - Use Getting To Outcomes (GTO) to Implement MISSION in 3 VISN’s
    2. HUD-VASH SUD Randomized Controlled Trial (2010-2013) 
      - Test 3 interventions (varying in intensity) to Augment HUD-VASH
    3. MISSION DIRECT VET Jail Diversion Program (2008-2013) 
      - Divert Veterans and offer MISSION Services
  2. Manual Development Projects
    • Goal:
      - Standardize Practices
      - Dissemination Practices
      Mission Vet Treatment Manual Mission Vet Consumer Workbook Supported Education Manual HUD-VASH Resource Guide
    • Manuals to Date
      1. MISSION-VET Treatment Manual
      2. MISSION-VET Consumer Workbook
      3. Supported Education Manual
      4. HUD-VASH Resource Guide