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We have a broad assortment of assessment instruments with a budget to purchase additional materials. Our service has full administrative support, including for insurance authorization, scheduling and billing.  Residents work in a shared office/testing space, with full computer and telephone access.

During the first training year, the resident will spend time preparing for both the EPPP examination and the Massachusetts Jurisprudence Examination for state licensure, which will typically be taken by the midpoint of the first training year, depending on prior training experiences. Achieving licensure will not impact the training structure of the program, but in addition to allowing for more complete billing of resident’s work, this increases the flexibility of training experiences and positions the resident well for subsequent employment. Note that achievement of licensure will be accompanied by an appropriate salary bonus for the resident.

The program has a competitive salary, which will be provided at the time of interview, though you may contact the program supervisor if this information is needed prior to that. As noted, achievement of licensure will also be recognized with a salary bonus. Salary is supplemented by an additional practice allowance, which can be used for expenses such as membership in professional associations, conference fees, purchasing clinical texts, and/or EPPP study materials. This is a fully benefited position, which offers paid vacation and sick time, health, dental, and vision insurance, and options for life insurance, disability insurance, retirement savings accounts.