2011 High School Summer Interns

Alex Kimble Alex Kimble:"I really enjoyed this program because the coordinators, Meghan and Teo, tried to figure out a specific type of medical profession that would be best suited for you. They then had me shadow people who really helped me to understand what type of doctor I wanted to be. more
Mark Lewandowski Mark Lewandowski: "The program is an invaluable resource in obtaining knowledge and experience in the scientific and medical fields. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent and will hopefully continue the work I started."
Preeti Rangaraj Preeti Rangaraj: "I am a senior at Algonquin Regional High School, and my interests currently lie in neurosurgery, oncology and pediatric surgery. I spent the majority of my time working with Dr. Julie Pilitsis in the neurosurgery department, researching Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment for chronic pain. more
Lena Rosenblum Lena Rosenblum: "In the summer before my junior year I was accepted into the UMass neuroscience and psychiatry summer intern program. I really felt that to explore my interests in a practical sense this would be a great opportunity. I spent a great deal of time with the incredible Dr. Torres-Stone and her work with sociological research with a specialty in medical disparities. more
Suraj Subramanian Suraj Subramanian: "I applied to The Internship for High School students at the Center for Comparative NeuroImaging as an opportunity to better my understanding of biomedical engineering and medicine to make an informed decision concerning my future in either of those two fields. I spent my time with Meghan working on the research component of Neuroscience. more
  Veronica Shader