CDRO Fellowship Awards

The CDRO is pleased to be able to offer our faculty funding support to enhance their psychiatric research. Read the guidelines for eligibilty and click on the link below for a copy of the fellowship application.

CDRO Fellowship Application


Am I eligible to apply for a CDRO Fellowship? 
Faculty who currently have extramural funding are eligible to apply for a $2500 fellowship if they can establish the funding will lead to an expansion of current research. 
Faculty with no extramural funding may apply for up to $5000 in fellowship assistance. 
Postdoctoral scholars and/or Fellows may apply for up to $2500 in fellowship assistance. 
Each application must include a letter of support from the applicant’s mentor. 

What is the application deadline? 
Applications are accepted on the following dates: February 5; June 5; and October 5. Two submissions will be funded per deadline. Applicants will receive notice of the status of their application within two to four weeks of submission. 

How are applications reviewed? 
Each application undergoes a peer review process. The review committee consists of both clinicians and basic scientists.

How will funds be transferred upon approval of my application? 
Upon approval of the fellowship, the Fellow has 6 months to obtain IRB approval and to set up an account for the funds. If you have an existing RTF account, provide that speed type to the CDRO and the funds will be transferred to that account. If you do not have an RTF, work with your Academic Administrator to get one established. It is the responsibility of the Fellow to set up this account and to manage the funds – the CDRO will not oversee this account. Funds must be spent within two years. Each Fellow is required to submit an annual progress report.