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Research Results

Mood Disorders and Trauma- What are the Associations?

Yael Dvir M.D., Michael Hill B.S, Steven M Hodge M.A., Jean A Frazier M.D.

Results of the study suggest that a careful clinical evaluation that uses standardized tools can help differentiate between bipolar disorder and other mood disorders in youth. We found that there were higher rates of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in families of children who have a history of bipolar disorder and trauma.

Taken together, these preliminary results suggest potential biological and genetic vulnerabilities which may predispose children to develop specific mood disorders under certain circumstances; the ability to identify these children early on could change their treatment and possibly their future.

Download the poster (PDF).

Investing in the Health and Well-Being of Young Adults

Investing in the Health and Well-Being of Young Adults, a new report from the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, examines the needs and challenges of young adults and policy and programs that have the greatest potential to help create a more productive and equitable future for them and the U.S. society at large. The report culminates the work of several experts in this field, including Maryann Davis, Director of the Transitions RTC at UMass Medical School. It provides pivotal information relevant to the needs of this age group and can potentially help shape research, services and policies to support this age group, including those with serious mental health conditions.

Download the report (PDF).