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Message from the Program Directors

Mark Vining, Tina Hermos, Mike Fahey

Welcome to Pediatrics at UMass! I hope you enjoy exploring our website to get to know our residents, our program, our chair, Tina, me and even Worcester itself.  Our aim is to provide you with the information you need, but also to convey the close-knit and collegial program we strive to create to foster the best environment for your learning and the best care for the children of central Massachusetts.  I joined the faculty here right out of my own residency because I was drawn to the opportunity to practice in an academic setting, care for an urban patient population and have ample time to teach students and residents.  That was 17 years ago and every year I remain more convinced I have the best job ever – I get to serve as program director,  a rotation director, a medical student preceptor and a primary care physician.  It is clear to me that faculty join our pediatric department because they love to teach and see patients.  Our philosophy is to teach in a collaborative, “non-hierarchial” manner where all learners feel empowered to share ideas, contribute to the plan of care, and feel part of the team.  We excel at providing appropriate supervision but promote early and progressive autonomy to our residents.  This is achievable because the faculty really know the residents well and vice-versa. And through our unique community-based primary care program, our residents help keep our community physicians well-connected to the care of their patients.   In their community practices, they witness and participate in advocacy and community pediatrics firsthand.  I hope you can see there’s a lot to learn about our program, so keep reading, and hopefully you will be drawn to come visit us yourself.

Mark Vining
Program Director


Thank you for your interest in our program!  UMass is a terrific place to learn, practice and teach Pediatrics.  I have had experience learning and teaching at a number of medical centers large and small.  UMass offers the best of both worlds.  We have the volume and diversity of a larger urban medical center, but the personal feel and close collaboration typical of a smaller program.  Pediatric residents at UMass get an outstanding education from our dedicated primary care and subspecialty faculty.  We strive to create a supportive learning environment with a focus on resident autonomy and quality improvement.  We care about what our residents think and are continually making improvements to the program based on our residents’ feedback.  The cooperative nature of our environment is easily palpable when you come to UMass.  We help our residents find their path and support them as they thrive, which they do!  We consistently graduate a healthy mix of primary care and subspecialty pediatricians who land top jobs and fellowships at the most competitive programs in the country.  Come visit and take a closer look at what we have to offer!

Mike Fahey
Rising Program Director

I have been APD for 5 years and feel so honored and lucky to have this role.   After training in large programs (UCSF then Boston Children’s), then beginning my ID career at UMass in 2011,  I have come to recognize the beauty of a smaller residency program.   The UMass Pediatric division and residency are a second family to me, and I know my colleagues and our residents share this feeling.  Faculty at UMass get to watch our residents blossom as clinicians first hand.  There is rarely a month that passes that I don’t interact with each and every resident, clinically, at conference or socially.   Our residents have diverse interests for their futures, but they share a passion for practicing excellent evidence-based care in all settings and serving as compassionate providers.  Our residents have the ability to work one-on-one with world class faculty, but also feel “ownership” for their patients.  They are looked to as the first-line provider by their patients in continuity clinic, on the wards and in the ICUs.  The UMass residents impress me and make me proud every day.  Thank you for looking at our program!

Tina Hermos
Associate Program Director