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The WOO curriculum is online private website that aims to provide supplemental, self-directed learning for our pediatric and medicine-pediatric residents. It is organized in 2 ways:

        1. you can browse different resources we think are great

        2. or, you can browse by topic which will provide readings and link              you to helpful resources.

Descriptions, tips, and topics have all been written by your fellow residents! Please pick and choose what would be most helpful to you.

Please keep track of time spent learning via the WOO curriculum. We ask PL-1s to complete 15 hours of learning time over the course of the year, and PL-3/PL-4’s to complete 15 hours of learning time. In order to report time spent on the WOO Curriculum, check out the credit section of the site.

Make sure to provide feedback so we can continually improve!

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