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Personalized Training Pathways

Using personalized training pathways, the program will emphasize highly individualized career development and training experiences.  

The program includes personalized training pathways in three core areas:  

  1. Implementation of Child Health Equity Initiatives—led by Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, MD, MPH
  2. Community-based Research—led by Milagros Rosal, PhD, MS 
  3. Family-centered, Equity Promoting Interventions Delivered Within Healthcare Systems—led by Arvin Garg, MD, MPH 

Trainees will choose their unique pathway nine months after starting the program. Pathways will begin in Year 2 and continue through Year 3, if necessary.  

Fellows, paired with the faculty lead for their chosen core area, will have an immersive experience that includes 1:1 one-hour monthly meetings. Faculty leads will identify key readings for fellows to read ahead of their meetings which will be the basis for their discussions. Faculty leads will also discuss fellows’ projects within the context of their expertise lens. Finally, each faculty lead will provide individualized career development guidance to fellows based on their careers and lived experiences.