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Thoru Pederson, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology; Vitold Arnett Professor of Cell Biology

Research Focus: The Pederson lab researches RNA biosynthesis in the nucleolus.

Scientific Training: Dr. Pederson completed his PhD training at Syracuse University, which he then followed up with a postdoc at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He first started his lab at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, which eventually merged with UMass Chan. After acting as a leader at the Worcester Foundation, Dr. Pederson continued his service as Associate Vice Provost for Research at UMass Chan. 

Office Location: LRB 821
Lab Location: n/a
Phone: 508-856-8667

Mentoring Statement:

Throughout my career, I have endeavored to treat all the lab members as equals, irrespective of their position (student, research assistant, post-doc), to foster their independence and to maintain a culture of civility and mutual respect.