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Current Residents and Fellows


  • Shi Bai

    Shi Bai, MD, PhD

    Programs: PGY-4

    pager 9722

  • Eric Evan-Browning

    Eric Evan-Browning, M.D.

    Programs: PGY-4

    pager 9754

  • Richard Judelson

    Richard Judelson, M.D.

    Programs: PGY-4

    pager 9804

  • Guangwu Xu

    Guangwu Xu, M.D.

    Programs: PGY-4

    pager 9967



  • Shubha Dave

    Shubha Dave, MD

    Programs: PGY-3

    pager 8052

  • Sepideh Madahian

    Sepideh Madahian, MD

    Programs: PGY-3

    pager 8126

  • Sindha Madhav

    Sindha Madhav, MD

    Programs: PGY-3

    pager 8128

  • Yang Zong

    Yang Zong, MD

    Programs: PGY-3

    pager 8263



  • Mohammad Al-Attar

    Mohammad Al-Attar, M.D.

    Programs: PGY-2

    pager 4023

  • Sara Fine

    Sara Fine, M.D.

    Programs: PGY-2

    pager 4129

  • Anup Jnawali

    Anup Jnawali, M.D.

    Programs: PGY-2

    pager 4179

  • Merve Yonar

    Merve Yonar, MD

    Programs: PGY-2

    pager 4355



  • Min Zhang

    Min Zhang, MD, PhD

    Programs: PGY-1

    pager 6535

  • Xuefei Huang

    Xuefei Huang, MD, PhD

    Programs: PGY-1

    pager 6530

  • Nicole Lewandrowski

    Nicole Lewandrowski, MD

    Programs: PGY-1

    pager 6531

  • Zhenwei Zhang

    Zhenwei Zhang, MD, PhD

    Programs: PGY-1

    pager 6535

Cytopathology Fellow

  • Hiba Ibraham

    Hiba Ibraham, MD

    Programs: Cytopathology Fellow

    pager 6247

Dermatopathology Fellow

  • Christina Luffman

    Christina Luffman, MD

    Programs: Dermatopathology Fellow

    pager 6256

Hematopathology Fellow

  • Paula Cortes Barrantes

    Paula Cortes Barrantes, MD

    Programs: Hematopathology Fellow

    pager 6375

Liver & GI Fellow

  • Xin He

    Xin He, MD, PhD

    Programs: Liver & Gi Fellow

    pager 6581

Breast & GYN Fellow

  • Aishatu Aloma

    Aishatu Aloma, MD

    Programs: Breast & Gyn Fellow

    pager 6580