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Current Residents and Fellows


  • Mohammad Al-Attar

    Mohammad Al-Attar, MD

    Chief Resident
  • Anup Jnawali

    Anup Jnawali, MD

  • Merve Yonar

    Merve Yonar, MD

    Chief Resident


  • Sara Fine

    Sara Fine, MD

  • Min Zhang

    Min Zhang, MD, PhD

  • Xuefei Huang

    Xuefei Huang, MD, PhD

  • Nicole Lewandrowski

    Nicole Lewandrowski, MD

  • Zhenwei Zhang

    Zhenwei Zhang, MD, PhD


  • Christofer Bello

    Christofer Bello, MD

  • Amira Hamed

    Amira Hamed, MD

  • Julia Jennings

    Julia Jennings, MD

  • Rawan Tahboub

    Rawan Tahboub, MD


  • Hannah Cowart

    Hannah Cowart, DO

  • Jose Gomez Garcia

    Jose Gomez Garcia, DO

  • Kyle Hinz

    Kyle Hinz, MD

  • Eric Magnetta

    Eric Magnetta, MD


  • Shubha Dave

    Shubha Dave, MD

    Breast & GYN Fellow
  • Sindha Madhav

    Sindha Madhav, MD

    Hematopathology Fellow
  • Hanqiao (Ciao) Zheng

    Hanqiao (Ciao) Zheng, MD

    Cytopathology Fellow
  • Kaitlyn Yim

    Kaitlyn Yim, MD

    Dermatopathology Fellow
  • Quoc (Kevin) Nguyen

    Quoc (Kevin) Nguyen, MD

    GI & Liver Fellow