Global Health Trip Report

Instructions for students

Thank you for completing this Global Health Trip Report about your recent global health experience. The primary purpose of this report is to help future students as they are looking for global health opportunities.

Past Global Health Trip Reports are accessible on the UMMS website, via the Lamar Soutter Library eScholarship@UMMS webpage.

To complete and submit your Global Health Trip Report, please do the following:


Demographic Information

First Name
Last Name
Today's Date
Year in School
at the time that you traveled on your global health experience
Year of Graduation
Elective Advisor Name
Advisor Email
Advisor UMMS Department

Travel Information

Country to which you traveled
(select the country in which you spent most of your time)
Other countries visited for education or service
Region to which you traveled

Site Information

Host Institution
Month(s) and year of travel
Site Description
eg, rural clinic, university hospital
Placement Arrangement
Please list the person(s) and or organization(s) you contacted to set up this global health experience.

Experience Information

Primary focus of this global health experience
If you selected clinical above, in which clinical fields did you gain experience during this global health experience

(check all that apply)
Other Clinical Field
Describe any necessary prerequisite (eg, language or clinical proficiencies)
Host Institution Supervisor
Name, title, position
Telephone and Email

Trip Expenses | Approximate Cost of Trip | Overall Rating

Trip Expenses In the space below, please give a breakdown of the estimated costs of the different parts of your travel (e.g., $1,000 for airfare, $200 for housing in a university dorm room, $300 for food, $200 for in-country travel related to my study/work/research, $2
Approximate total cost of trip In the space below, provide the total of the different costs that you described above. Do not include any costs for recreation or entertainment.
Funding Sources List any sources of funding (and approximate amounts) that you received for this global health experience. (eg, $1000 from the Godkin Fellowship)
Rate the educational value of this global health experience
Comments regarding the educational value of this global health experience (optional)

Health Measures | Site & Living Conditions | Packing & Preparation

Necessary Health Measures Describe any necessary health measures prior to, during and after experience (eg, visitors entering this country are required to carry vaccination history, student should consider PPD skin test 1-3 months after returning from this country).
Packing and preparation tips Describe any tips regarding packing and preparation that might be helpful for future students who travel to the same global health experience that you did.
positives and negatives
Describe any positives and negatives about the location and Host Institution where you did this global health experience.
Living Conditions
positives and negatives
Describe any positives and negatives about the living conditions where you did this global health experience.
Any other advice to students and residents

Summary | Reflection

Summary Paragraph

Reflect on educational and cultural experience Reflection about the global health experience: Write 1 or 2 brief paragraphs describing what you learned about the country and culture that you visited. (Topics that you may discuss in these 1 or 2 paragraphs: lifestyle and living conditions, migration of immigrants to the US, religious and cultural beliefs and practices, health beliefs or practices, diseases or health conditions, health care systems, immigrants from this country who now are living in the US).

Reflect on personal impact Reflection about the impact of the global health experience on you: Write 1 or 2 paragraphs regarding: (a) what you learned about yourself or your own country / culture, (b) the impact that the experience had on you, and/or (c) what you learned from this experience.
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