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Diversity, Representation, and Inclusion for Value in Education
A GSBS, GSN, SOM, GME, CME, DIO, LSL, and OFA collaboration

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The goals of DRIVE are:

  • To promote a representative and bias-free curriculum across our learning environments
  • To enhance the accuracy, representation, and inclusion of diverse populations in all our educational activities

Want to learn more? Follow the links below to view: 

  • A brief introduction to the DRIVE Initiative, click here. 
  • The Curriculum Appraisal Tool, click here  
  • Interactive Library Guide with expanded appraisal tools and linked resources, click here
  • Download sample disclosure slide for inclusion and presentations, click here 
  • Zoom recording of the faculty development workshop, click here
  • Extensive self-education resource collection cured by Yale medical library, click here