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Three-Year MD Program

Description:  The Three-year MD program is specifically designed for a small number of learners who are committed to pursuing a career in one of the following generalist specialties:  Family Medicine and Community Health, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry.  Students will apply into one of these tracks in the late fall of their first year.  Accepted students will begin in the second semester of their first year and will complete both the traditional curriculum and augmentation activities throughout the discovery phase of their enrollment.  Augmentation activities will include approximately 30 half-day biomedical and clinical sessions to help them learn key concepts and gain skills in an accelerated fashion.  They will complete a skills intensive and their Family Medicine and Community Health clerkship during the Discovery Phase summer (between 1st and 2nd years).  Exploration and Horizons phases are under development, however these learners will complete clerkships in a specific order to allow them to take Step 2 in time to certify for the Match.  Overall, their curriculum is comparable to that of 4-year colleagues though some experiences have different duration, all objectives and outcomes are consistent.  Other information is available at:  Three-Year MD Program (runtime 5:02)

Three-year MD Program Director (3YPD) – FTE (.20 increasing to .35 over 3 years)

We seek one Three-year MD Program Director to collaborate with partner residency members, guide the ongoing development and implementation of the Three-year MD program.  The 3YPD will meet the leadership responsibilities and characteristics described in the call and those specifically noted below.  Please note that this leadership role spans the entire 4-year curriculum*.  Candidates should be interested in program innovation, development, and teamwork.  Additional role description for 3YPD includes

  • Collaboration with residency program representatives and administrative educational specialist to ensure consistent and appropriate expectations, process development and implementation across disciplines.
  • Identification and development of augmentation curriculum through partnership with block leaders and clerkship directors.
  • Program oversight including finalization and implementation of application and entry, exit and progression processes, faculty coordination, review and incorporation of student feedback, and ongoing program improvement.
  • Guidance of learner assessment in close collaboration with IREA, CAA and residency program representatives
  • Collaboration with Registrar, Undergraduate Medical Education and Student Affairs regarding regulatory requirements
  • Leadership of the Three-year MD representative committee and participation in T.H. Chan School of Medicine curriculum committee
  • Related duties as required

Three-year MD Preparation Intensive Leader (3YPIL) – FTE (.05)

We seek one Three-year MD preparation intensive leader (3YBCL) to develop and manage the 3 week summer Discovery preparation intensive experience for students in this track.  This curriculum is designed to prepare learners for their FMCH clerkship, thus close collaboration with the FMCH clerkship director and partner residency program representatives will be important.

The 3YPIL will meet all the above leadership qualifications.  Candidates should be interested in program ideation, learner skills development and creative, experiential, and engaged pedagogies.  Additional role description for 3YPIL includes

  • finalize development and implementation of 3 week preparation intensive curriculum in the summer of the Discovery phase
  • collaborate with residency partners to recruit faculty, residents, and staff to facilitate intensive sessions
  • utilize a variety of appropriate pedagogies including workshop, small group sessions and simulation to help learners develop necessary skills
  • identify and utilize appropriate assessment strategies regarding these sessions
  • implement model for learner assessment and feedback, complete and submit grades
  • participate in periodic Three-year MD advisory committee meetings
  • Related duties as required