LPP for Current Preceptors

Monthly LPP Updates & Teaching Tips

(distributed monthly via e-mail on behalf of Program Director Dr. Phil Fournier)

LPP1 Monthly Updates
*12 Sessions over the course
of the Academic Year*


LPP2 Monthly Updates
*6 Sessions over the course
of September - January*

September 2015

  September 2015
October 2015

  October 2015

November 2015

  November 2015

January 2016


March 2016    


Program Objectives 

For information on program objectives, please refer to your Preceptor Packet (LPP1 or LPP2), distributed at the beginning of the Academic Year. 

Preceptor Honorarium

Please note that payment disbursement is made to your clinical site location, and disbursement of funds within your practice will need to be discussed internally. UMass provides each preceptor a stipend per student. Forms should be returned via mail (with original signatures) to:

55 Lake Avenue North
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
ATTN: Carly Eressy, RM S1-155
Worcester, MA, 01655

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