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FAQs | Optional Enrichment Electives

How do I propose a new Optional Enrichment Elective?

To propose a new OEE, navigate to the OEE website to complete and submit the details via New OEE Proposal Application (

Deadlines for submission

  • June 1 for OEEs to be offered in the Fall term
  • October 1 for OEEs to be offered in the Spring term

note: The Elective Curriculum Committee reviews a maximum of 4 new OEEs each term. Review is based on a first come first served basis.


Who can lead an Optional Enrichment Elective?

  • School of Medicine (SOM) students
  • Graduate School of Nursing (GSN) students may co-lead with SOM student leaders

Do I receive transcript recognition for being a student leader?

Yes! You will be enrolled in OE 993 Leadership of an Optional Enrichment Elective; the course will appear on your transcript but you will not receive a grade.

What are the responsibilities of the OEE student leader?

Roster Management

  • Submit the course enrollment roster at the beginning of the course; we suggest enrollment is collected at the end of the second session, as it is a better indicator of which students plan to participate in the full course.
  • Submit the Transcript Recognition form no later than two weeks after the course has ended. Students will not be given recognition on their transcript or MSPE letter if the Transcript Recognition list is not submitted.
  • Update changes to student leadership when appropriate. It is important that the student leader information is updated for communication purposes. Student leadership can be updated using the OEE renewed link on the OEE website by filling in the ‘student leadership update’ in the dropdown box.

of note

    • Student leaders receive recognition as leaders so should not be listed as attendees
    • Student names must be submitted as they are recorded in the Registrar’s office – i.e. no nicknames, shortened names, or misspelled names. Inaccurate name submission can lead to missing enrollment and transcript recognition.

Change Management

  • All updates must be submitted via the updating form 
    • Content changes (title, curriculum, evaluation) must be approved by the Electives Curriculum Committee (ECC)
      • note: syllabus date or time changes do not need to be reviewed. However, students should be notified of any changes in date or time.
    • Full updates must be submitted via the updating form annually or the OEE will be considered inactive
      • for Fall and Fall & Spring | due July 15
      • for Spring only | due November 16
    • OEEs that have not run for a year or more must be "re-reviewed" by the ECC, and are often considered NEW OEEs that require a full review by the ECC
  • Notify the OEE Team if the OEE was unable to run due to COVID restrictions

Click to view OEE Policies & Procedures

How do I sign up to participate in an Optional Enrichment Elective?

Do I receive credit for participating in an Optional Enrichment Elective?

Credit is not earned by participation in an OEE. The term "transcript recognition" is used rather than "credit". Students do not receive credit for participating in an OEE but do receive recognition on their transcript and in their MSPE upon completing the requirements of the course.

When are Optional Enrichment Elective sessions held in the curriculum?

OEEs are held during “independent study” time. OEEs can be offered in the fall, spring or during both academic semesters.

Is there funding available for Optional Enrichment Electives?

No, there are no funds allocated to OEEs through the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (OUME) or the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

Students are encouraged to reach out to the sponsoring department with requests.

What is the role of the faculty sponsor?

The Faculty Sponsor...

  • is responsible for guiding students in creation and maintenance of the OEE content and evaluation
  • will provide mentorship to OEE student leaders
  • is responsible for reviewing end of the course evaluations from IREA and responding to student feedback

Who can participate in an Optional Enrichment Elective?

  • SOM students can participate in an OEE and will receive transcript recognition upon fulfilling the requirements of the course
  • GSN students can participate in an OEE. GSN students will have a nursing OEE course number assigned
  • GSBS students can participate in an OEE but will not receive transcript recognition
  • OEEs are designed for UMassChan students. Student leaders can reach out to the OEE Course Director for further questions on outside participants.
  • LOA - Students who are on LOA can participate in an OEE but will not receive transcript recognition

What happens if I don't meet the Optional Enrichment Elective requirements?

  • If a student does not finish the course, the OEE course will not be included in the transcript or MSPE
  • Recognition of OEEs are acknowledgement for students who have completed all requirements of the OEE