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Application for the Global Health Pathway

This on-line application form is for 1st year UMMS medical students who are interested in participating in the UMMS Global Health Pathway (GHP). 

Applications for the 2021-2022 Academic Year must be submitted by 11:59pm on August 27, 2021.

Background information:

The Global Health Pathway (GHP) is a 4-year program that trains and supports UMMS students to become leaders and providers in global health. The GHP consists of monthly global health seminars, a global/community health immersion experience, a global health service project and a longitudinal capstone project. Before applying, you may find it helpful to review the GHP web page located within the International Medical Education Program (IMEP) website, which has additional information about the GHP. 

If you have already accepted a position in another UMMS Pathway Program (i.e., CTRP, rural health scholars or urban health scholars) and are interested in the GHP, please email to discuss before submitting an application. Questions in advance of applying are welcome and can be sent to the IMEP-GHP team (via email at 

Completing the Application

The Global Health Immersion Experience is a core component of the GHP and is the 6 to 8-week experience that occurs during the summer between 1st and 2nd year of medical school. There are multiple established partner sites which have ongoing collaborations with UMMS where we recommend travel for GHP students ( 

The Selection Process

  • Each application received is reviewed by at least two UMMS staff/faculty members.
  • Applications are scored based on the following criteria:
    • demonstrated experience and/or leadership in global health and underserved populations either clinical, research or service
    • commitment to global health in the past and passion for pursuing global health in the future
    • input from the UMMS faculty and leaders involved in the Select GHP Sites
  • Students may be contacted for a phone interview but it is not a requirement
  • Students who are selected for participation in the GHP will receive an email confirming their acceptance
  • Application determinations are expected to be made by the end of September 2021, followed by the first meeting for 1st year GHP students expected in October 2021. 

Application requirements

  • Complete and submit the online application by the deadline indicated at the top
  • Attach your CV in PDF format
  • Students may be contacted for a phone interview 

Global Health Partner Sites: ***Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be changes to site availability*** 

  1. Kenya
    1. Advisor: Dr. Ann Moorman (Infectious Disease & Immunology)
      1. Sites: 1. Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Kisumu or 2. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH)- Public referral hospital, Kisumu
      2. Projects: KEMRI - research -- anti-malarial immunity to naturally acquired infections in children; endemic Burkitt lymphoma; JOOTRH - other field and hospital-based projects, clinical shadowing
      3. and
      4. Language: English 
  1. China
    1. Advisor: Dr. Guangping Gao (Microbiology) and Dr. Hui Zou
      1. Sites: West China School of Clinical Medicine/Sichuan University (government teaching hospital), Sichuan
      2. Includes 2 weeks in International Medical Student Camp: learning about healthcare in China
      3. Projects: research, cultural immersion activities, Mandarin language-training
      5. Language: Chinese/Mandarin preferred (not required) 
  1. India
    1. Advisor: Dr. Jeroan Allison (Quantitative Health Sciences)
      1. Site: Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM), Karamsad, Gujarat
      2. Projects: prevalence of atrial fibrillation in villages of CAM, storytelling
    2. Advisor: Dr. Anindita Deb (Neurology)/Dr. Soaham Desai (Neurology, CAM)
      1. Site: Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM), Karamsad, Gujarat
      2. Projects: shadowing in neurology clinic at CAM, clinic-based research project, screening for parkinsonism
    4. Language: Gujarati/Hindi preferred (not required, medical staff speaks English) 
  1. Dominican Republic
    1. Advisor: Dr. Douglas Golenbock (Infectious Disease)
      1. Sites: Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológics (IDEV- Domincan Institute of Virological Studies) – NGO in- and out-patient clinics, Santo Domingo
      2. Projects: viral diseases, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases
      4. Language: Spanish preferred 
  1. Bolivia
    1. Advisor: Dr. Douglas Golenbock (Infectious Disease);
      1. El Instituto para el Desarrollo Humano (IDH) – nonprofit clinic
      2. and
      3. Projects: public health research, shadowing opportunities
      4. Language: Spanish (required)
    2. Advisor: Dr. Richard Moser (Neurosurgery):
        1. Solidarity Bridge – NGO
        2. Projects: public health research, shadowing opportunities
        3. Surgical subspecialties, cardiology, pediatrics
        4. Language: Spanish (required)
  1. Ecuador
    1. Advisor: Dr. David Chiriboga (Medicine)
      1. Site: Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial (UTE); Quito- National research training institute and Hospital Claudio Benati
      2. Multi-country, longitudinal study, medical Spanish
      3. Link:
  1. Liberia
    1. Advisor: Dr. Patricia McQuilkin (Pediatrics)
      1. Site: Monrovia, JFK and ELWAY hospitals, University of Liberia
      2. Projects: Develop a malnutrition program and assist with an acute febrile illness study as part of an ongoing medical education project
      3. Language: English 

Select Your Preferred Global Health Immersion Experience Site

Pathway Interest
Please indicate if you are a member of or applying to one of the following (if you are, please email us at to discuss).

Statement of interest in the Global Health Pathway (300 Word Limit)
Consider the following questions. What do you hope to gain from this pathway (knowledge, skills)? How will you balance your interests in global health with a demanding medical school schedule? What do you hope to gain from an immersion experience?

International Experience (300-word limit)
Describe any prior experience you have had working, learning or volunteering outside of the U.S. and especially mention any experiences with underserved populations and what you learned.

Domestic experience with refugee or immigrant populations living in the United StatesĀ (400-word limit)
Describe any prior experience you have had working, learning or volunteering inside the U.S. with refugee, immigrant, minority or underserved populations and what you learned from these experiences.

Research Experience (200-word limit)
Describe any research based in the U.S. or outside the US that you have participated in and how it pertains to global/community health. What skills from your previous research would be helpful in a career with global health?

Career Plans (100-word limit)
Do you plan on incorporating global health into your career? If so, please describe how you plan on doing so? (this may include residency/specialty preferences, location preferences, clinical/research interests, pursuing additional degrees like MPH, etc).

List any non-English languages that you speak or understand, and your proficiency level (Beginner, Intermediate or Fluent).

Thank you for your interest in the GHP.