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Interested Advisor Contact Information

The faculty below have specifically asked to be listed as potential Capstone advisors, please note that they may have already been contacted by a student and thus may not be able to serve in primary advising capacity but remain excellent resources.

Download searchable datasheet for additional information.

Name Hosting Department Contact
Jeroan Allison MD Quantitative Health Sciences
Caroline Alper MD Commonwealth Medicine
Eric Alper MD Medicine
Victoria Andersen MS RD Medicine
Michael Angelini PharmD Commonwealth Medicine
Neil Aronin MD Medicine
Seth Arum MD Medicine
George Asdourian MD Ophthalmology
Justine Ashley Office of Student Affairs
Abigail Averbach MS Commonwealth Medicine
Jeff Bailey MD Medicine
Jennifer Baima MD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Erin Barlow MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jeff Baxter MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Angela Beeler MD Pediatrics
Gary Blanchard MD * Medicine
Alexandra (Alixe) Bonardi OTR MHA Family Medicine & Community Health
Edwin Boudreaux PhD Emergency Medicine
Carol Bova PhD RN Other/Affiliation not listed
Edward Boyer MD PhD Emergency Medicine
Leslie Bradford MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Clifford Browning MD Medicine
Patricia Bruchmann MS Non-Departmental
Robert S Bucci MS MSPA Commonwealth Medicine
Tyler Buckhout BA Community Harvest Project
Nancy Byatt DO MBA Psychiatry
Jennifer Carey MD Emergency Medicine
Suzanne Cashman ScD Family Medicine & Community Health
Matilde Castiel MD Medicine
David Cave MD Medicine
Christopher Cerniglia DO MEng Radiology
Margret Chang MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Sai Cherala MD MPH Commonwealth Medicine
Michael Chin MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Robin Clark PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
David Clive MD Medicine
Robert Clyman MD Psychiatry
Irene Coletsos MD Psychiatry
Alexa Connell PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
Bronwyn Cooper MD Anesthesiology
Mary Costanza MD Medicine
Douglas Cotanche PhD Cell Biology
Linda Cragin MS Family Medicine & Community Health
Michelle Dalal MD Pediatrics
Kate Daniello MD Neurosurgery
Nicola DeAngelis MD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Anindita Deb MD Neurology
April Deng MD PhD Pathology
Mark Dershwitz MD PhD Anesthesiology
Eric Dickson MD Emergency Medicine
Frank Domino MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Kevin Donahue MD Medicine
Christine Donahue MD Medicine christine,
Michele Dowd BA select one
Catherine DuBeau MD Medicine
Prachi Dubey MD Radiology
Pamela Ellsworth MD Other/Affiliation not listed
Thomas English PhD Quantitative Health Sciences
Cynthia Ennis DO Medicine
Michael Ennis MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Mara Epstein ScD Medicine
Stephen Erban MD MPH Medicine
David Fairchild MD Medicine
Paul Fanning PhD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Louis Fazen MD Other/Affiliation not listed
Penny Feldman MD Pediatrics
Barry Feldman PhD Psychiatry
Julia Feldman Other Commonwealth Medicine
Warren Ferguson MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Emily Ferrara MA Family Medicine & Community Health
David Fish MD Medicine
Christina Fitch DO MPH Medicine
Timothy Fitzgibbons MD PhD Medicine
Terence Flotte MD Pediatrics
Heather Forkey MD Pediatrics
Phillip Fournier MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Patricia Franklin MD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Marc Freeman PhD Neurobiology
Carl Fulwiler MD PhD Psychiatry
Kensuke Futai PhD Psychiatry
Elaine Gabovitch MPA Family Medicine & Community Health
Guangping Gao PhD Other/Affiliation not listed
Maria Garcia MD MPH Medicine
Karen Gardner MD Other/Affiliation not listed
Neeta Garg MD Neurology
Rachel Gerstein PhD Microbiology & Physiological Systems
Jack Gettens PhD Commonwealth Medicine
Laura Gibson MD Medicine
David Gilchrist MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Mitch Gitkind MD Surgery
Melanie Gnazzo MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Dori Goldberg MD Medicine
Robert Goldberg PhD Quantitative Health Sciences
Phil Gona PhD Quantitative Health Sciences
Gerardo Gonzalez Haddad MD Psychiatry 508.667.5934
Michael Green MD PhD Program in Molecular Medicine
Bonnie Greenwood PharmD UMass Clinical Pharmacy Services
Peter Grigg PhD Microbiology & Physiological Systems
Abby Guinard BA BFA Other/Affiliation not listed
Neena Gupta MD * Pediatrics 
Shirin Haddady MD MPH Medicine
Cynthia Hall MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Heather-Lyn Haley PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
James Handa MD Ophthalmology
Ainun Haq MD Other/Affiliation not listed
John Harris MD PhD Medicine
John Haran MD Emergency Medicine
David Harlan MD Medicine
Leslie Harrold MD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Lawrence Hayward MD PhD Neurology
Nils Henninger MD Neurology
Alexis Henry ScD Commonwealth Medicine
Christina Hernon MD Emergency Medicine 508.272.0752
David Hinkle MD Ophthalmology
Michael Hirsh MD Surgery
Jeanmarie Houghton MD PhD Medicine
Janet Huehls MA Surgery
Debra Hurwitz MBA BSN RN Commonwealth Medicine
Lloyd Hutchinson PhD Pathology
Tasmina Hydery PharmD Commonwealth Medicine
Anthony Imbalzano PhD Pharmacology
Paul Jeffrey PharmD Commonwealth Medicine
Cynthia Jeremiah MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Joan Johnston DNP AGPCNP-BC UMMS Commonwealth Medicine
Julie Jonassen PhD Microbiology & Physiological Systems
Marci Jones MD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
David Kane MD Pediatrics
Tracy Kedian MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Michelle Kelliher PhD Cancer Biology
Jean King PhD Psychiatry
Beth Koester MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Tara Kumaraswami MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jennifer Lafemina MD Surgery
Janice Lalikos MD Surgery
Laura Lambert MD * Surgery
Keesha LaTulippe MS Non-Department
Jay Lawrence MD Medicine
Jim Ledwith MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Celeste Lemay MPH Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Stephenie Lemon PhD UMass Worcester Prevention Research Center (Medicine)
Kimberly Lenz PharmD Other/Affiliation not listed
Politi Letterio MD Radiology
Stuart Levitz MD Medicine
Lawrence Lifshitz PhD Program in Molecular Medicine
Mary Lindholm MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Amanda Littell-Clark MPH Commonwealth Medicine
Boris Lorberg MD Psychiatry
Roger Luckmann MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Melissa Luman MS Pediatrics
Nancy Mack BSChE Other/Affiliation not listed
Emmanuel Maduakor MD Medicine
Raymond Magauran MD Ophthalmology
Kathryn Maier MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Samir Malkani MD *  Commonwealth Medicine
Joseph Makris MD Surgery
Lee Mancini MD CSCS*D CSN Family Medicine & Community Health
Louise Maranda PhD Quantitative Health Sciences
Paulo Martins MD PhD Surgery
Beth McCormick "Systems"
John McCullough PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Mary Medeiros MD Medicine
Lila Milukas MD Other/Affiliation not listed
John Mitchell DMD Other/Affiliation not listed
Monika Mitra PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
Majaz Moonis MD Neurology
Constance Moore PhD Psychiatry
Tiffany Moore Simas MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ann Moormann PhD Program in Molecular Medicine
Richard Moriarty MD Pediatrics
Richard Moser MD Surgery
Susanne Muehlschlegel MD MPH Neurology
Joyeeta Mukherjee PhD Radiology
Mary Munson PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Bev Nazarian MD Pediatrics
Uyen-Sa Nguyen DSc Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Constance Nichols MD MS Emergency Medicine
Jason Numbers MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Judith Ockene PhD Medicine
Ellen O'Donnell PhD Psychiatry
Javier Ogembo PhD Medicine
Barbara Olendzki RD MPH RDN Medicine
Erika Oleson DO * Family Medicine & Community Health
Nneka Onwubueke MD Medicine
Brian O'Sullivan MD Pediatrics
Sherry Pagoto PhD Medicine
Abhay Patel MD select one
Lori Pbert PhD Medicine
Randall Pellish MD Medicine
Mary Philbin MD EdM Medicine
Alan Picarillo MD Pediatrics
Diane Pingeton MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Deborah Plummer PhD Quantitative Health Sciences
Anne Powell MD Pediatrics
Michele Pugnaire MD Non- Department
Melissa Rathmell MD DABMA ABIHM Family Medicine & Community Health
Matthew Rebesco MD Emergency Medicine
Jennifer Reidy MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Keith Reimann DVM Medicine
Marc Restuccia MD Emergency Medicine
Joel Richter PhD Program in Molecular Medicine
Donna Rivera MSW Family Medicine & Community Health
John Rochford MS Family Medicine & Community Health
Kenneth Rock MD Pathology
Mai-Lan Rogoff MD Psychiatry
Glen Ross MD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
Karen Rothman MD Medicine
William Royer PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Christine Runyan PhD Family Medicine & Community Health
Patricia Ruze MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Howard Sachs MD Medicine
Jane Saczynski PhD Medicine
Heena Santry MD Surgery
Amber Sarkar MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Chris Sassetti PhD Microbiology & Physiological Systems
Judy Savageau MPH Family Medicine & Community Health
Celia Schiffer PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Sue Schlotterbeck MS Edward M Kennedy Community Health Center
Andres Schanzer MD Radiology
Leslie Shaw PhD Cancer Biology
Sara Shields MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Hugh Silk MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Jessica Simons MD PhD Surgery
Joshua Singer PhD Microbiology & Physiological Systems
David Smelson PhD Psychiatry
Mitchell Sokoloff MD Other/Affiliation not listed
Mia Sorcinelli Smith MD Family Medicine & Community Health
Michael Stauff MD Orthopedics & Physical Rehabilitation
John Stevenson MD Family Medicine & Community Health
John Sullivan MD Program in Molecular Medicine
Andrew Tapper PhD Commonwealth Medicine
Kyle Tingley MS Other/Affiliation not listed
Jennifer Tjia MD Quantitative Health Sciences
Stefan Topolski MD Family Medicine & Community Health 413.207.4655
Uliss Torres MD Surgery
Apeksha  Tripathi MD MPH Family Medicine & Community Health
Chinmay Trivedi MD PhD Medicine
Michelle Trivedi MD MPH Pediatrics
G. Naheed Usmani MD Pediatrics
Stacey Valentine MD MPH Pediatrics
Jaime Vallejos MD MPH Commonwealth Medicine
Johanna VanderSpek PhD Other/Affiliation not listed
Vijay Vanguri MD Pathology
John Varlotto MD Radiation Oncology
Amy Wachholtz PhD MDiv MS Psychiatry
Bryanne Wainford MPH Planned Parenthood, Worcester 800.258.4448
Meredith Walsh MPH FNP Family Medicine & Community Health
Barbara Walsh MD Pediatrics
Jennifer Wang MD Medicine
Zoon Wangu MD Pediatrics
Amy Weinstock MArch Psychiatry
Stacy Weisberg MD MPH Emergency Medicine
Mireya Wessolossky MD Medicine
Tamara Westall MS Non-Departmental
Julie White MSW Commonwealth Medicine
Leanne Winchester MS RN Commonwealth Medicine
Karen Wiss MD Medicine
Greg Wolf BS Other/Affiliation not listed
Shelly Yarnie MPH Family Medicine & Community Health
Jennifer Yates MD Other/Affiliation not listed
Hong Yu PhD Quantitative Health Sciences
Benjamin Yudkoff MD Psychiatry 201.953.0432
Douglas Ziedonis MD MPH Psychiatry
Andrew Zimmerman MD Pediatrics

* See BBL Project Ideas & Resource for on-going project information
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