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Capstone Project Presentation | Poster and .pptx Information

Poster Presentation | Template

  • Your poster should be reviewed by both your Capstone Project Advisor and your Capstone Affiliate before submitting for printing.
  • You must use the CSD Poster Template
  • You are the sole author on the poster (if a group, just the AS year Capstone students in the group are authors)
    • acknowledge your advisor and other collaborators by adding one text box in the bottom right region of the poster
  • Printing | Acme Printers on Grove St Worcester| The OUME will pay for poster printing only if your poster has been turned in by Friday, March 6
    • Email your 36" x 48" poster as a .pdf to the Capstone course mailbox by by Friday, March 6 to be included in the bulk order.
    • NOTEstudents are responsible for the cost of printing posters not included in the bulk orderreimbursements will be not be available.
  • Poster Session Set-up | The OUME will hang all posters included in the bulk order
    • NOTE: posters not included in bulk order must be hung by the student between after 5:00p on March 17, and before 8:00a on March 18

Podium Presentation | Template

  • You must use the CSD PowerPoint Template (if you are presenting a PowerPoint slide-set)
  • Your CSP advisor must review the slide set in advance of its presentation
  • You will be allotted 15 minutes to present, including up to 5 minutes for questions. 
    • We will strictly enforced the time limit, so be sure to practice to know what you can fit into 10 minutes!

Contact your CSD Affiliate if you need advice about what to put in your talk, or want to arrange time to practice in front of a friendly audience. You will receive feedback on your final write-up soon, if you have not received it already. Please make sure to take those comments into consideration as you develop your presentation.

Presentation Practice Sessions

While we don’t require that you attend one of the sessions, previous presenters have found the opportunity helpful on several levels, including “right-sizing”, poster formatting, question-fielding. Please take advantage of one or both sessions – as either a presenter or a member of the audience! And, of course, don’t hesitate to ask your Capstone Affiliate to schedule a better time if neither of these sessions works for you.

  • Session I | Friday, February 21 | 10a – NOON | S4.402
  • Session II | Friday, February 28 | 11a – 1p | S4.402

The Capstone Team

Colleen Burnham MBA | Program Manager | Kelley & Group Projects
Rachel Gerstein PhD | CSD Course Co-Leader | Blackstone
Christina Hermos MD MS | CSD Course Co-Leader | Burncoat
Carolina Ionete MD PhD | CSD Course Co-Leader | Quinsigamond
Sarah McAdoo MD MPH | CSD Course Co-Leader | Brightwood
Lawrence Rhein MD MPH | CSD Course Co-Leader | Tatnuck
Joseph Sabato Jr MD | CSD Course Co-Leader | Kelley
Jill Zitzewitz PhD | CSE Course Co-Leader | Tatnuck

updated FEB 18 2020 | cjb