Welcome to the Office of Faculty Affairs

The goal of the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) is to provide a comprehensive structure to support the success of faculty at all career stages—to onboard effectively; to develop a path for career success; to advance in academic rank; to gain skills and competencies for a new leadership position; to plan for a smooth transition to retirement. In short, our mission is to support faculty through the various ages and stages of their careers.

Faculty Career Flexibility is the ability to maintain an active academic career while balancing professional and personal obligations

The OFA, with the support of a prestigious Faculty Career Flexibility Award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the
American Council on Education, has implemented programs, policies and practices that support work–life integration, and continued to invest in areas critical to faculty development, advancement and satisfaction. New programs to support faculty at various stages in their career are now a standard part of our portfolio: Faculty Onboarding Program (new faculty); Peers for Promotion (assistant professors 5-10 years in rank); Pathway to Tenure Program (tenure track faculty); and Transition Through Retirement (senior faculty).  To read more about the ACE Sloan Award for Faculty Career Flexibility click here.

Our vision is to be the premier resource for faculty development and faculty affairs locally, regionally and nationally

The OFA employs multiple strategies to support faculty: targeted programs, online resources, seminars and workshops, mentoring and individual consultations with OFA faculty. Our website features guidance and tools for career planning (Individual Opportunity Plan), finding a mentor (Mentoring Network), part time effort (Guidance for Part Time Employment), and transition to retirement (Retirement Checklist).

Faculty are the heart and soul of UMMS

The OFA is committed to enhancing the professional development and academic advancement of our faculty. We are grateful for the institutional support that allows the OFA to provide programmatic and individual support to our faculty. The OFA is here to advise, mentor, advocate for, and guide the UMMS faculty of today and tomorrow.