Faculty Mentoring Programs at UMMS

Mentoring is a key initiative of UMMS and the OFA. There are many opportunities for faculty to obtain mentoring through formal programs—see the programs listed below. If you want to identify a mentor individually, please visit the Find a Mentor pages here.

Faculty Mentoring Programs Sponsored by the Office of Faculty Affairs

The OFA provides mentoring for faculty through programs targeted to specific groups of faculty. Mentoring is also a required component of OFA-sponsored faculty award programs.

Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP)
An intensive faculty development program for junior faculty: in addition, to a curriculum on academic development, research and education, faculty complete an academic project with the guidance of a faculty mentor. See here for more information.

Onboarding Mentor Program
The goal of this program is to provide new faculty with immediate guidance to the department and institution by matching each individual with a more experienced faculty member. An orientation session on mentoring is provided for Onboarding Mentors. See here for more information.

Peers for Promotion
A facilitated peer-mentoring group for faculty seeking promotion to Associate Professor. See here for more information.

Pathway to Tenure
The Pathway to Tenure program includes a facilitated peer-mentoring group for tenure track faculty. See here for more information.

Faculty Diversity Scholars Program (FDSP)
The goal of the FDSP is to recruit new faculty from underrepresented groups in the health sciences and to support their successful academic career advancement. FDSP scholars must define a mentoring plan that includes a mentoring team. See here for more information.

Faculty Scholar Award
This award provides up to $30,000 to enable a faculty member to continue research and scholarly activities while they address a finite period of increased family care responsibilities; a mentor is required to support the activities of the awardee. See here for more information.

Faculty Vitality Award
This award provides support for a mid-career or senior faculty member to pursue a career objective in a newarea of research, education or clinical practice; a mentor is required to support the activities of the awardee. See here for more information.

Departmental Mentoring Programs

Several departments have established formal mentoring programs, including the Deapartments of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Family Medicine and Community Health, Pediatrics, and Quantitative Health Sciences. Talk to your chair or division chief about obtaining mentoring within your department. Your Annual Performance Review (APR) meeting with your chair or chief is an excellent opportunity to start this discussion. You might first complete the Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP) to define your career direction or Step 1 of the Find a Mentor pages to define your mentoring needs.

Other Faculty Mentoring Programs at UMMS

Clinical Research Scholar (K12) Program
Mentored training for faculty in clinical and translational research supported by the UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science (UMCCTS). See here for more information.

Masters in Clinical Science Investigation (MSCI)
This program provides MD and PhD trainees with skills that will enable them to design, conduct, and analyze the results of clinical, public health, and translational research investigations. The program includes a mentored research project. See here for more information.

Research Career & Writing Group (K-Award)
Support for faculty who are planning to submit applications for career development (“K”) awards, through a monthly meeting with faculty mentors. See here for more information.

Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Mentoring Program
Junior faculty pursuing research in HIV/AIDS related topics may apply for or be suggested for mentorship in research, grants, and career development with an established faculty mentor. See here for more information.