Promotion Consultations

Need to enhance progress towards the next step in promotion?
Need to focus and/or clarify career path for promotion?
Need to address questions around the promotion process?

Individual Promotion Consultations are designed to help faculty with questions about promotion or advice on the promotion process.  The consultations are one hour and are conducted by an Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) faculty member.

If you need help with the promotion process, please review the OFA webpages on promotion and consider registering for a Preparing for Promotion Workshop before scheduling an individual consultation.

How to Schedule a Consultation

To request a consultation, please contact Include "promotion consultation request" in the subject line. Include any specific requests in the email (e.g. CV review, narrative statement review, next steps to achieve promotion). We will contact you with potential dates, times, and further information.

What to Expect

Prior to the Consultation:
For a promotion consultation:  Please send your CV (preferably in the UMMS format) before the consultation.  We suggest reviewing and completing the Promotion Checklist.  Generate a list of issues to be addressed in the consultation.

The Consultation:
Sessions are generally held in the consultant’s office located on the University Campus, although arrangements can be made for the Memorial Campus.  The consultant will review the faculty member’s CV and other communications prior to the session and will facilitate the discussion to meet the faculty member’s objectives and develop a plan for next steps.

The meeting is confidential: nothing will be communicated to anyone else, such as your chair, chief or supervisor, without your explicit permission.