Resources for New Faculty

Welcome Packet

The Welcome Packet is sent to all new faculty when they accept a position at UMMS, or with our clinical partner, UMMHC. The packet contains information about programs sponsored by the Office of Faculty Affairs and other departments at UMMS, important policies and procedures, and guides to the Worcester area. Please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs if you have materials that might be included in the packet.

Online Resources: Getting Started at UMMS

These pages are designed to direct you to the resources and information that are essential to your professional responsibilities at UMMS. The site also provides links to policies and procedures, institutional resources, programs for career development, and information about life at UMMS and in the Worcester area.

Click on First Things for the activities that you must complete during your first days in your new position. To learn more about getting started in each of the missions, click on Clinical PracticeEducation, or Research.