Are You Ready for Promotion?

The Office of Faculty Affairs recommends three steps to determine if you are ready for promotion:

  1. Take stock of your position.

  2. Update the materials for your basic promotion file.

  3. Seek advice from senior & experienced faculty.

If you are ready for promotion, then make the case to your department chair. If you are not ready for promotion, then make a plan to address deficiencies.

See below for more details of each of these steps.

 Take Stock of Your Position

What is your current position?

Rank? Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor
Track?  Tenure track or Non-Tenure track
Pathway?  Unmodified ("traditional"), Clinical or Research
— criteria for promotion depend on position
(see Criteria for Non-Tenure or Tenure Promotion)

What are the expectations for you?

  • Review your letter of appointment
  • Review any subsequent evaluations (annual performance review, mini-tenure review

Update your basic promotion file

  • curriculum vitae (see here for more information)
  • teaching evaluations (see here for more information)

Seek advice

From individuals who are familiar with the process and the criteria for promotion:

  • Senior Faculty Mentor (e.g., Academic Vice Chair)
  • Office of Faculty Affairs faculty and staff

Question: “Do I meet the criteria for promotion? If not, what’s missing?”

If you’re not ready for promotion . . .

Do you need to?

  • set a timeline for scholarship
  • expand & enhance visibility (develop a local, regional or national reputation)
    • internal presentations (Grand Rounds etc)
    • national presentations
    • national committee service
    • networking
  • enhance your teaching abilities and/or request additional teaching
  • participate in faculty development workshops & seminars
  • gain communication skills: practice “graceful self-promotion”
  • enhance your writing skills
  • obtain mentoring
Make a plan to address deficiencies. Set goals and deadlines. Review progress periodically.