The rank of Affiliate is for voluntary members of the faculty who are not employed by the University or by UMMHC and whose participation in UMMS academic programs encompasses only a small proportion of their total professional activity. Those appointed as faculty affiliates  carry the title Faculty Affiliate in (Dept.) or Senior Faculty Affiliate in (Dept.). Affiliate appointments are described in Article 8 of the Academic Personnel Policy.

Rank of Affiliate: Appointments as an Affiliate shall be based on contributions to the academic programs of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and on professional accomplishments, rather than on hospital rank, degree of responsibility or seniority in other professional endeavors.

Rank of Senior Faculty Affiliate: The rank of Senior Faculty Affiliate in (Dept) shall be reserved for those faculty members who have made meritorious contributions to University of Massachusetts Medical School programs over a period of at least ten (10) years, or who have achieved special distinction or recognition in their professional activities. The rank of Senior Faculty Affiliate may also be used for a retired faculty member who has served for ten (10) years prior to his/her retirement.