Project Teams

UMass Worcester Project Team


Judith Ockene, PhD, MEd, MA, Principal Investigator
Lori Pbert, PhD
Sybil Crawford, PhD
Rashelle Hayes, PhD
Robert Milner, PhD
Luanne Thorndyke, MD, FACEP
Patricia Franklin, MD, MPH, MBA


Linda Churchill, MS, Project Manager
Phone: 508.856.5691
Office: S7-710

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Judith Ockene, PhD (PI)
Phone: 508.856.2316
Office: S7-755

UMass Lowell Project Team


Nellie Tran, PhD, Principal Investigator
Paula Rayman, PhD
Ivy Ho, PhD
Meg Bond, PhD
Julie Chen


Lindsay Casavant, Staff Assistant
Phone: 978.934.4380
Office: Kitson, 200

Brita Dean, PhD, Project Manager
Phone: 978.256.6841
Office: Coburn B11

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Nellie Tran, PhD (PI)
Phone: 978.934.3964


UMass Worcester and UMass Lowell Team

Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center (CMAHEC)

Joanne Calista, MS, LICSW, Executive Director and Jena Adams, MPH, Project Specialist are conducting the interviews. Joanne and Jena, each have over 20 years experience in gathering data for semi-structured interviews and in obtaining qualitative data. CMAHEC is unaffiliated with either UMass campus which will ensure added objectivity to data collection and consistency in the conduct of interviews.

External Advisors

Lilia Cortina, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies, University of Michigan
Leading scholar on workplace victimization, from subtle social slights to blatant harassment and violence against women, racial, and sexual minorities

Kevin Nadal, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice - City University of New York
Main areas of research include three major categories:
1) Filipino American issues
2) Microaggressions
3) LGBT Issues