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‘The Art of RNA’ is latest installment of Artist in Residence series

siRNA Highway

The latest installment of the Artist in Residence series features images that illuminate research taking place in UMass Medical School’s RNA Therapeutics Institute. According to Angela Messmer-Blust, PhD, senior scientific advisor and assistant professor of RNA therapeutics, the exhibit highlights “the breadth of research that the RTI is undertaking—developing novel therapies for which RNA is the therapeutic target or modality in pathologies from pregnancy complications to neurodegenerative diseases—in breathtaking scientific art.”

Among the images featured are: RIBO-cop, depicting the structure of the ribosome, from the Andrei Korostelev lab; Don’t kill the messenger RNA, showing single mRNAs and nuclear envelopes, from the David Grunwald lab; and Spread your chromosomes and multiply, images of sperm during a single stage of meiosis, from the Phillip Zamore lab.

The exhibit will be on display in the Lamar Soutter Library from Tuesday, Sept. 3, through Wednesday, Oct. 30.