Foreign students in limbo on Match Day a ‘shame,’ Collins tells Globe

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February 22, 2017
   Chancellor Michael F. Collins

 Chancellor Michael F. Collins

Teaching hospitals may reject high-achieving foreign medical students for residencies this spring, afraid that President Trump’s immigration ban will prevent them from getting into the United States, and Chancellor Michael F. Collins told the Boston Globe that would be unfortunate.

“It seems a shame to me that students who have completed their studies and done their work and are attractive applicants would not be listed because of an uncertainty cast by the executive order,” Chancellor Collins said in the Feb. 22 Globe article. “And it would seem a shame to me that the next Nobel Prize winner wouldn’t be offered a spot because of this order.”

Match Day is March 17, the day when graduating medical students participating in the National Resident Matching Program discover where they will begin their careers as doctors. As many as 1,000 graduating medical students in the seven Muslim-majority countries named in the travel ban do not know if they will be able to obtain visas in time to begin their residencies on July 1. The executive order was suspended by a federal court, but the president has said he will be issuing a new order this week.

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Hospitals pressured to reject foreign students because of Trump policy

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