Thomas Goss writes textbook chapter on managing shoulder fractures

UMass Medical School Communications

October 26, 2016
  Thomas Goss, MD

Thomas P. Goss, MD

Thomas P. Goss, MD, professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation, and chief of shoulder surgery, authored a chapter called “Fractures of the Scapula” in the recently published definitive textbook, Rockwood and Matsen’s The Shoulder.

Fractures of the scapula (shoulder blade) are uncommon and the vast majority are treated non-surgically. However, a small percentage require operative management due to unacceptable position of the bones involved. Dr. Goss has treated many such patients during his 37 years at UMass Memorial Medical Center. Having written extensively on how to diagnosis these injuries accurately, as well as treat them appropriately, he is considered an authority on the subject.

“This chapter details the current state of the art in managing these challenging fractures,” he said.

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