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WCVB-TV’s Chronicle gets inside look at UMMS on Match Day 2015

  UMMS Chancellor Michael F. Collins with Chronicle host Anthony Everett in the iCELS at UMass Medical School.
  UMMS Chancellor Michael F. Collins with Chronicle's Anthony Everett in the Interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation at UMass Medical School. 

Students, faculty and alumni from UMass Medical School’s School of Medicine are featured in a 30-minute WCVB-TV Chronicle report highlighting Match Day 2015 on the Worcester campus.

“UMass does a really good job of supporting all of their students,” fourth-year medical student Mackenzie Bartlett told WCVB reporter Anthony Everett in the March 24 broadcast. “They make it their mission to help students make it. It’s not a competitive environment at all. Everybody is really there to help each other out.”

A production crew from Chronicle spent several days filming interviews with students from the School of Medicine Class of 2015, as well as UMMS faculty members and alumni, before covering the excitement of Match Day on March 20. That’s when graduating medical students at UMMS and across the country learned simultaneously where they would be serving their residencies. At UMMS, 121 students were successfully matched to residencies, more than half of whom are going into primary care.

Bartlett and fellow student Josh Kahane, who are engaged to be married in June, participated in the “couples match,” in which both vied for residencies in Providence. In the WCVB report, they can be seen joyfully reacting to getting their top pick at Brown University.

Click below to watch each segment of the report.

WCVB-TV Chronicle segment Mass Anxiety at Med School
WCVB-TV Chronicle segment Artificial Patients for Anthony Everett
WCVB-TV Chronicle segment Healers Come Home
WCVB-TV Chronicle segment Match Day Madness

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