New students thrilled to be at medical school

Events welcome the School of Medicine Class of 2016

By Bryan Goodchild and Sandra Gray

UMass Medical School Communications

August 10, 2012

UMass Medical School welcomed the School of Medicine’s Class of 2016 at a dinner picnic held on Thursday, Aug. 9. The social event was one of the opportunities for students to grow familiar with people and places on campus as part of their orientation. Other events included a breakfast at which Chancellor Michael Collins, Dean Terry Flotte, and others congratulated and encouraged the students — and thanked them for choosing UMMS.

“We have a vested interest in making you the best possible physicians,” said Michele Pugnaire, MD, senior associate dean for educational affairs. “Today is the first day in a lifelong journey of learning.”

The class is composed of 113 MD students and 12 MD/PhD entrants, selected from 1,054 applicants. Class members have some impressive credentials: An average 3.72 GPA, MCAT scores above the national average, and multifaceted resumes including volunteer and mission work, extracurricular pursuits from glassblowing to cross-country cycling, and numerous academic and other honors. Members of the class hail from 86 cities and towns in Massachusetts, including 23 who are University of Massachusetts graduates.

Held under a tent on the Campus Green, the picnic provided a relaxed venue for the students to meet and mingle. Here, you can watch highlights from the breakfast and picnic as well as comments from two students undergoing the momentous transition to medical school.

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