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  • 07 - 21 - 17

    Our Dogs Can Get Lyme Vaccines And We (Still) Can't. When Might We?

    Mark Klempner, MD, executive vice chancellor for MassBiologics of UMass Medical School and professor of medicine, explains how scientists at MassBiologics are developing a pre-exposure prophylaxis that prevents tick-transmitted Lyme disease infection, a breakthrough that could lead to seasonal prevention against the most common tick-borne infection in North America.

    WBUR CommonHealth

    WCVB-TV Boston

    Boston Herald

    Country Living


    Woman's Day

    Daily Mail


    WGGB/WSHM Western Mass News

  • 07 - 21 - 17

    Refractory RA Yields to Rituximab

    According to Leslie R. Harrold, MD, MPH, associate professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation, of 667 patients enrolled in the Corrona RA Registry who had failed at least one tumor necrosis factor inhibitor and were subsequently given rituximab, nearly 50 percent showed clinically meaningful improvements.

    MedPage Today


  • 07 - 19 - 17

    Genetic therapy for two inherited neurologic diseases moves closer to human clinical trials

    Miguel Sena-Esteves, PhD, associate professor of neurology, said he is seeking approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, to test a gene therapy treatment for Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff diseases, genetic disorders in a category known as lysosomal storage diseases.

    Medical News


  • 07 - 19 - 17

    Making It in Central Mass.: From ginger beer to biotech, region’s manufacturing delivers

    UMass Medical School and UMass Medicine Science Park are referenced in an article about the Worcester manufacturing economy and its biotechnology industry.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 07 - 19 - 17

    Obese patients don't need to lose weight before total joint replacement, study finds

    Patricia Franklin, MD, MBA, MPH, professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation, explains that obese patients who underwent knee or hip replacement surgery reported virtually the same pain relief and improved function as normal-weight joint replacement patients six months after surgery.

    Science Daily

  • 07 - 19 - 17

    UMass study finds half of overdose patients unaware of their fentanyl exposure

    Kavita M. Babu, MD, professor of emergency medicine and chief of the toxicology, said that among adult patients who came to the emergency room after being revived from a heroin overdose, nearly all had fentanyl in their urine. When asked, roughly half of the patients did not know they had taken fentanyl, according to her study.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 07 - 17 - 17

    C. Diff Infections Are Falling, Thanks To Better Cleaning And Fewer Antibiotics

    John P. Haran, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine, is quoted in a story about the declining cases of Clostridium difficile infections in health care facilities.

    Collective Evolution

  • 07 - 15 - 17

    A different route for youth police academy grads in Worcester

    Police sergeant Nikkya Jackson was interviewed about the one-week Summer Youth Police Academy for high school students offered by UMass Medical School law enforcement personnel.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

    Worcester News Tonight

  • 07 - 14 - 17

    Alex's Lemonade Stand Gives UMass Doc Major Innovation Grant For Cancer Research

    Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to finding cures for childhood cancers, awarded Jie Song, PhD, associate professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation,  an innovation grant for $250,000 over two years. Dr. Song is working on 3-D printed bone grafts for pediatric skeletal reconstruction.

    Worcester Patch

    Worcester News Tonight

  • 07 - 14 - 17

    Fitchburg teen tackling some heavy science

    Robert Layne, director of outreach programs, is quoted in a story about the High School Health Careers Program held every summer at the medical school.

    Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise

  • 07 - 12 - 17

    UMass Medical School to improve Missouri disability system

    Missouri's largest retirement system for government workers is partnering with Commonwealth Medicine to enhance the disability certification process for about 60,000 former and current government employees.

    Worcester Business Journal

  • 07 - 10 - 17

    The pediatrician's new struggle over Lyme

    Christina R. Hermos, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics, was quoted in a story about parents concerned about lyme disease who are asking pediatricians for antibiotic treatments that may not be necessary.


  • 07 - 10 - 17

    The Scientific Tricks to Tell Brand Stories That Will Move Your Audience to Action

    A story about the biological impact of storytelling references research by Thomas Houston II, MD, MPH, professor of quantitative health sciences and medicine, which found that videos of hypertension patients talking about their medical histories helped another group of patients with high blood pressure to control their condition over several months.

    Business 2 Community

  • 07 - 10 - 17

    UMMS scientists design human protein-based tumor-targeting MRI contrast agent

    A team led by Gang Han, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology, has designed a human protein-based, tumor-targeting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast that can be easily cleared by the body.

    Medical Life Science News

    Science Daily

  • 07 - 07 - 17

    C9orf72 ALS Model Mice: Right On the Epigenetic Mark?

    A mouse model developed by Robert H. Brown Jr., DPhil, MD, the Leo P. and Theresa M. LaChance Chair in Medical Research and chair and professor of neurology,  was referenced in an article about new ALS research.

    The ALS Research Forum

  • 07 - 07 - 17

    New study reveals new drug target for gout & inflammatory diseases

    Gregory Orlowski, MD/PhD student, is quoted in an article about a new study that found a potential drug target for particle-driven diseases like gout.

    Drug Target Review

  • 07 - 06 - 17

    New UMass grants fund baby boxes, school washers and dryers

    Chancellor Michael F. Collins and Tasmina Hydery, PharmD, MBA, CGP, clinical consulting pharmacist, are quoted in a story about a $3 million gift from the Remillard Family to establish a community service fund at the medical school.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 07 - 03 - 17

    We need clarity and consistency in how we approach addiction

    A letter to the editor by Jeffrey L. Geller, MD, MPH, professor of psychiatry, argues that addiction should be considered and treated like a brain disease, like other mental illnesses.

    Boston Globe

  • 07 - 02 - 17

    UMass Medical School doctor honored for teaching excellence

    David S. Hatem, MD, professor of medicine, was one of five outstanding University of Massachusetts faculty members awarded the 2017 Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching for exemplary dedication to students and the university.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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