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  • 04 - 30 - 17

    As I See It: A chance to limit smoking in children

    An op-ed by Lynda M. Young MD, clinical professor of pediatrics, argues in favor of state legislation - S.1218 and H.2864 - that would raise the age at which tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, could be sold to people to 21.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 30 - 17

    WPI professor pioneers plant-based malaria treatment

    Malaria researcher Ann M. Moormann, PhD, MPH, associate professor of molecular medicine, is quoted in a story that looks at research exploring the use of  the plant Artemisia annua as a treatment for malaria.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 27 - 17

    Highmark Foundation honored for bullying prevention program

    Matthew Masiello, MD, MPHB, clinical professor of pediatrics, is quoted in a story about a Children’s Health Advocacy Dinner on bullying put on by Penn State Children’s Hospital.

    Carlisle Sentinel

  • 04 - 27 - 17

    Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Fills Loopholes in State and Federal Law

    Julia Johnson, MD, chair and professor of obstetrics & gynecology, gives an overview of some of the physically difficulties pregnant women may face in the workplace.

    BU News Service

  • 04 - 27 - 17

    Your Gut Bacteria May Effect Your Response to Chemotherapy Drugs

    Research by Marian Walhout, PhD, the Maroun Semaan Chair in Biomedical Research, professor of molecular medicine and co-director of the Program in Systems Biology, shows that bacteria residing in your digestive tract, or your gut microbiota, may play an important role in your ability to respond to chemotherapy drugs.

  • 04 - 26 - 17

    Fighting diphtheria: This old disease needs a new treatment

    Mark Klempner, MD, executive vice chancellor for MassBiologics at UMass Medical School and professor of medicine, explains how a new treatment for diphtheria developed at UMMS may help treat a disease that is making a global comeback.

    STAT News

  • 04 - 26 - 17

    Genetic Analysis Reveals the Evolutionary History of Dogs

    Elinor Karlsson, PhD, assistant professor of molecular medicine, comments on a genetic study that sheds light on the evolution of different dog breeds.

    The Scientist

    Science Magazine

  • 04 - 22 - 17

    Pregnant Workers Fairness Act fills loopholes in state, federal law

    Julia Johnson, MD, chair and professor of obstetrics & gynecology, gives an overview of some of the difficulties pregnant women may face, physically, in the workplace.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 21 - 17

    DNA's secret weapon against knots and tangles

    Job Dekker, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology and co-director of the Program in Systems Biology,  explains how his groundbreaking work to map the 3D shape of the genome and his research into topologically associating domains is shedding new light on genetics and disease.

  • 04 - 21 - 17

    Gene therapy 1.0 is a flop, but biotech isn’t worried

    Terence R. Flotte, MD, the Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor of Medical Education, executive deputy chancellor, provost and dean of the School of Medicine, explains that gene therapy treatments have a bright future in commercialization.

    STAT News

  • 04 - 21 - 17

    House To Consider Amendments To $40.3 Billion State Budget

    Chancellor Michael F. Collins comments on a $3.4 million proposed budget amendment to help Baystate Health and UMass Medical School build out a new regional campus in Springfield.


  • 04 - 20 - 17

    After the March for Science, the fight must go on

    An op-ed co-written by Terence R. Flotte, MD, the Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor of Medical Education, executive deputy chancellor, provost and dean of the School of Medicine, examines the value and need for funding basic science research.

    Boston Globe

  • 04 - 18 - 17

    From refugee camp to Tower Hill: Burmese youth group eases assimilation

    Medical student Courtney Temple, SOM ’17, is quoted in a story about the Worcester Refugee Assistance Project. Started by UMMS nursing alumna and now executive director, Meredith Walsh, MPH, RN, GSN ’13, WRAP helps refugees from Burma assimilate to life in Central Massachusetts and receives assistance from medical student volunteers.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 18 - 17

    How Boston Can Help America’s College Grads with Disabilities Find Jobs

    An op-ed co-written by Kathy Petkauskos, senior program director for Work Without Limits, is featured on NewsCenter 5's latest "5 For Good” for her efforts with  Work Without Limits and her mentoring of 31-year-old Megan Northup.

    Huffington Post 

  • 04 - 13 - 17

    New CRISPR tool can detect tiny amounts of viruses

    Erik J. Sontheimer, PhD, professor in the RNA Therapeutics Institute, comments on a new CRISPR diagnostic system that can detect attomolar levels of viruses in a sample and also distinguish Zika from its close relative dengue.


  • 04 - 12 - 17

    UMass Med School honors memory of Gov. Cellucci

    Fen-Biao Gao, PhD, professor of neurology, has been named the inaugural holder of the Gov. Paul Cellucci Chair in Neuroscience Research.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 08 - 17

    Cryo-electron microscopes view ‘ballet of the cell’ at UMass Med School

    Andrei A. Korostelev, PhD, associate professor in the RNA Therapeutics Institute; Chen Xu, PhD, director of the Massachusetts High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility and associate professor of biochemistry & molecular biology; and Brian Kelch, PhD, assistant professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology, discuss the opening of the new cryo-EM facility at UMass Medical School.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 08 - 17

    Unlocking ALS

    John Landers, PhD, professor of neurology,  explains how his discovery of an ALS gene—research funded in part by the Ice Bucket Challenge—is making a difference in the quest for a cure for the neurodegenerative disease.

    Chronicle, WCVB-TV

  • 04 - 05 - 17

    A tour in the Ebola ‘hot zone’

    Steven C. Hatch, MD, assistant professor of medicine, discusses his latest book: "Inferno: A Doctor's Ebola Story."

    Boston Globe

  • 04 - 05 - 17

    CRISPR studies muddy results of older gene research

    Nathan Lawson, PhD, professor of molecular, cell & cancer biology, is quoted in a story about how new CRISPR-based studies are calling into question the results of older studies using inferior technologies.

  • 04 - 05 - 17

    Yo-yo dieting hikes death, heart risks in overweight heart disease patients

    Ira S. Ockene, MD, the David J. and Barbara D. Milliken Professorship in Preventive Cardiology and professor of medicine, comments on a new study which shows that trying and failing to lose weight may be more dangerous than not losing weight at all.



  • 04 - 03 - 17

    Opioids: a physician father’s plea

    An op-ed about the challenges of the opioid epidemic references the leadership of Chancellor Michael F. Collins and the various programs for medical students and faculty at the medical school.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 01 - 17

    Family homelessness rises across state, region

    Linda F. Weinreb, MD, professor of family medicine & community health, is quoted in a story about the need to provide services for homeless families.

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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