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News Makers 2015

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  • 04 - 29 - 15

    Program helping moms with postpartum depression get a fresh start

    Nancy Byatt, DO, MBA, assistant professor of psychiatry and obstetrics & gynecology, talks about the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project (MCPAP ), a statewide program to better identify and treat depression in mothers during and after pregnancy, by providing rapid access to psychiatric expertise and mental health resources.
    WCVB Channel 5 Boston

  • 04 - 29 - 15

    Therapeutic Germ Line Alteration: Has CRISPR/Cas9 Technology Forced the Question?

    An editorial by Terence R. Flotte, MD, the Celia and Isaac Haidak Professor of Medical Education, executive deputy chancellor, provost and dean of the School of Medicine, highlights the ethical, safety, and efficacy issues associated with the current generation of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology. 
    Human Gene Therapy
    Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
    Science Codex

  • 04 - 29 - 15

    UMass projects aim to provide oral health care for special needs individuals

    Richard K. Fleming, PhD, adjunct associate professor of psychiatry; Alexandra Bonardi, MHA, clinical assistant professor of family medicine & community health; Christine Clifford, MHP, research coordinator for the Oral Health Surveillance/Disparities project; and Melissa Maslin, research project director, explain how two grants at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center are increasing access to dentistry services for individuals with special needs.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 28 - 15

    Re-Engineering Human Embryos

    Craig C. Mello, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Blais University Chair in Molecular Medicine and distinguished professor of molecular medicine and cell biology, talks about CRISPER on WBUR’s On Point Radio.

  • 04 - 27 - 15

    UMass Medical, Quinsig score big in life sciences grants

    The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center announced a $5 million grant to UMass Medical School for the purchase of a high resolution cryo-electron microscope, bringing this breakthrough imaging technology to a campus poised to usher in the next generation of drug design and discovery. Jean King, PhD, associate provost for biomedical research; director of the Center for Comparative Neuroimaging; and professor of psychiatry, radiology and neurology, spoke at yesterday’s event.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    Worcester Business Journal

  • 04 - 26 - 15

    What a doctor can learn from being a patient

    Judith L. Steinberg, BA, MPH, MD, deputy chief medical officer of UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine, shares her experience as a patient and how it has reinforced in her mind the need for whole-person care and behavioral health integration in Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine.
    Boston Globe

  • 04 - 25 - 15

    UMass researcher advises NH health care reform effort

    Health policy expert Katharine London, MS, principal in the Center for Health Law and Economics, spoke at a New Hampshire Insurance Department forum about the state’s options for improving health care quality and containing rising costs. London co-authored a report for the New Hampshire Insurance Department that outlines strategies the state can choose from to improve its health care.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    Concord Monitor

  • 04 - 22 - 15

    Earth Day 4-22

    Suzanna Wood talks about how UMMS encourages recycling during yesterday’s Earth Day celebration.
    Worcester News Tonight
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 22 - 15

    UMMS scientists help develop a new molecule that may aid in leukemia survival

    Lucio H. Castilla, PhD, associate professor of molecular, cell and cancer biology, talks about the molecule designed to specifically target a hard-to-treat form of recurring acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in patient tissue.
    Health Canal

  • 04 - 21 - 15

    Autism – A long way to go: Guest viewpoint

    Amy Weinstock, director of the Autism Insurance Resource Center, co-wrote an op-ed piece about Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month and the advancements that have been made.
    MetroWest Daily News

  • 04 - 21 - 15

    Scientists identify brain circuitry responsible for anxiety in smoking cessation

    In a promising breakthrough for smokers who are trying to quit, neuroscientists at UMass Medical School and The Scripps Research Institute have identified novel circuitry in the brain responsible for anxiety commonly experienced during withdrawal from nicotine addiction.
    Science Daily
    Medical News Today
    Medical Xpress
    Neuro Scientist News
    The Health Site
    Psych Central

  • 04 - 20 - 15

    Could doctors donning Google Glass reduce ER wait times?

    A study by Peter Chai, MD, fellow in medical toxicology, explores the use of Google Glass for dermatology consults in an emergency room setting. Dr. Chai is currently evaluating using Google Glass at UMass Medical School for toxicology consults.
    PBS News Hour
    iHealth Beat
    Kaiser Health News

  • 04 - 18 - 15

    Massachusetts ‘mindfulness’ expert brings his message to New Hampshire

    Judson A. Brewer, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine, explains how meditation techniques can help people focus.
    Concord Monitor

  • 04 - 17 - 15

    UMass Lowell first state public university to offer pharmacy degrees

    UMass Lowell is now home to the state's first public School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Faculty from UMass Medical School will collaborate with those in UMass Lowell's College of Health Sciences, College of Sciences and College of Engineering, to develop curriculum, teach courses, and support clinical instruction.
    Lowell Sun

  • 04 - 15 - 15

    JAMA publishes results of R.I. Hospital Google Glass study

    A study by Peter Chai, MD, fellow in medical toxicology, explores the use of Google Glass for dermatology consults in an emergency room setting. Dr. Chai is currently evaluating using Google Glass at UMass Medical School for toxicology consults.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    Providence Journal

  • 04 - 15 - 15

    Resurgence of hepatitis C in Mass.

    Erik J. Garcia, MD, assistant professor of family medicine & community health, is quoted in an article the increase of Hepatitis C in Massachusetts due to intravenous drug use. 
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 15 - 15

    Sweet villain: Nutrition experts push for reduction in sugar consumption

    Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD, MPH, associate professor of medicine, explains how excessive sugar consumption leads to obesity and diabetes.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 15 - 15

    Tax deadline (today!) brings stress

    Amy B. Wachholtz, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry, talks about stress related to tax deadlines.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 14 - 15

    Scientists are working on a breath test to diagnose stomach cancer

    An article about new technology that analyzes patients ‘breath prints’ in hopes of one day diagnosing stomach cancer, contains quotes from JeanMarie Houghton, MD, PhD, professor of medicine.
    The Verge

  • 04 - 13 - 15

    Diabetes management app to begin pilot at UMass Medical School

    UMass Medical School will run a pilot clinical study for an advanced smartphone application developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute that helps people with diabetes better manage their weight and blood sugar level and assess the status of chronic foot ulcers.
    Mobile Health News
    Medical Xpress
    Science & Enterprise
    WPI News

  • 04 - 08 - 15

    Red Cross honors heroes among us

    Steven C. Hatch, assistant professor of medicine; Jeffrey Bailey, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine; Patricia A. McQuilkin, MD, clinical associate professor of pediatrics; Rick Sacra, MD, assistant professor of family medicine & community health;  were honored by the American Red Cross of Central Massachusetts for their work combating Ebola in Liberia. 
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 02 - 15

    A New Era in Pharmacotherapy

    Jonathan Kay, MD, professor of medicine, explains the impact of the recent FDA approval of Zarxio, the first biosimilar agent in the United States. The drug can be used to treat neutropenia in patients receiving chemotherapy, having hematologic cell mobilization, and patients with absolute neutropenia.

  • 04 - 02 - 15

    Worcester News Tonight, 10 p.m. update

    Buildings at UMass Medical School were lit up blue in recognition of Autism Awareness Day. Sue Loring, director if the Autism Resource Center, explains the significance of the day’s events and the recognition it brings to people with autism.
    Worcester News Tonight

  • 04 - 02 - 15

    Worcester News Tonight, Acing Autism Tennis Program

    Medical students Hannah Hoerner, SOM ’17, and Mary Cavanaugh, SOM ’17, explain how the ACEing Autism program provides recreation, physical activity and social interaction for children with autism through group tennis lessons.
    Worcester News Tonight
    Worcester News Tonight

  • 04 - 01 - 15

    At Worcester forum, team approach urged for better diabetes care

    Speaking at a forum on diabetes David Harlan, MD, the William and Doris Krupp Professor in Medicine, professor of medicine and co-director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence, said that technological innovations might help patients and doctors manage diabetes better.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 04 - 01 - 15

    Can Burning the Midnight Oil Lead to Diabetes?

    Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD, MPH, associate professor of medicine, is quoted in an article about a recent study looking at the risk factors for developing diabetes for those who stay up late. 
    Medpage Today

  • 04 - 01 - 15

    New molecule may extend survival in leukemia patients, thanks to oncogenic transcription

    Research by Lucio H. Castilla, PhD, associate professor of molecular, cell and cancer biology, leads to the design of a novel molecule that inhibits progression of a hard-to-treat form of recurring acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in patient tissue. 
    Science Codex

  • 04 - 01 - 15

    UMass-led database delivers new insight on joint replacements

    Patricia D. Franklin, MD, MBA, MPH, professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation and family medicine & community health, and David Ayers, MD, the Arthur M. Pappas, MD, Chair in Orthopedics and chair and professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation, explain the Function and Outcomes Research for Comparative Effectiveness in Total Joint Replacement (FORCE-TJR) registry and how it’s used to collect information to measure the success of joint replacement surgery.
    Worcester Business Journal