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  • 08 - 30 - 14

    Donald Berwick pushes single-payer health plan

    Katharine London, principle associate of the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Health Law and Economics, is quoted in an article about gubernatorial candidate Donald Berwick’s proposal to create a single-payer health care system for Massachusetts.
    Boston Globe

  • 08 - 29 - 14

    HIV cure failure in Mississippi baby 'the beginning of a new chapter'

    UMMS is referenced in an article about the return of HIV in the Mississippi baby believed to have been functionally cured of the virus.
    Medical News Today

  • 08 - 27 - 14

    Police must help protect mentally ill from needlessly violent deaths

    An op-ed written by Frank M. Gatti, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry, about the recent killing of a young man in St. Louis who suffered from mental illness.
    Daily Hampshire Gazette

  • 08 - 26 - 14

    UMass Foundation names full-time fundraising chief as UMass launches $1B capital campaign

    The University of Massachusetts Foundation, which manages the $750 million endowment of the five UMass campuses, has named Charles Pagnam as its full-time fundraising director, UMass announced Monday.
    Boston Business Journal

  • 08 - 26 - 14

    Woman Shaves Head for Cancer Awareness

    Charity Grzelecki, call center manager at UMass Medical School affiliate UHeathSolutions, shaved her head after surpassing her UMass Medicine Cancer Walk fundraising goal of $1,000, according to a report on Charter TV3 Worcester News Tonight and New England Cable News.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 25 - 14

    Is ResearchGate Facebook for science?

    Sherry Pagoto, PhD, associate professor of medicine, comments on a social networking site dedicated to science and research.

  • 08 - 22 - 14

    Autism: Paying the Price for Treatment

    Maura Buckley, MPA, a product manager for UHealth Solutions, and Amy Weinstock, director of the Autism Insurance Resource Center at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, talked about their experiences related to accessing health care and behavioral services for children with autism spectrum disorder in a segment that aired on WCVB-TV’s Chronicle.
    Chronicle WCVB-TV

  • 08 - 22 - 14

    Guest View: The time to change this spitting image is now

    Richard Pieters, M.D, clinical associate professor of radiation oncology, co-authored an op-ed piece on the message major league players who chew tobacco are sending to young fans.
    South Coast Today

  • 08 - 22 - 14

    Recent high school graduate conducts research in Nobel Prize winner’s lab

    Marlborough resident Gregory Konar recently finished his internship in Nobel Prize laureate Craig Mello’s laboratory at UMass Medical School.  Konar worked in Mello’s lab to characterize a drug that would track a protein turned off by many tumors.
    Community Advocate 

  • 08 - 21 - 14

    Boston’s intellect could boost Olympics

    In an op-ed piece looking to Boston area colleges and universities to help find solutions to the challenges of hosting the Olympics, UMass Medical School is noted for being one of the world-class hospitals and medical centers in the area.
    Boston Globe

  • 08 - 20 - 14

    Former NFL player Tim Shaw reveals ALS diagnosis during Ice Bucket Challenge

    Chair and Professor of Neurology Robert H. Brown, Jr., DPhil, MD, is quoted in an article about the recent announcement by former NFL player Tim Shaw that has been diagnosed with ALS.
    ABC News
    ABC News Radio
    European News

  • 08 - 20 - 14

    Health Watch Fall Sports Preparedness

    Nicola Anthony Deangelis, MD, assistant professor of orthopedics and physical rehabilitation, offers advice to athletes on how to prepare for fall sports.
    Charter TV3

  • 08 - 20 - 14

    Newborn screening expansion offers early diagnosis and treatment to infants with SCID

    Data from 11 newborn screening programs, including the New England Newborn Screening Program, showed that newborn screening for severe combined immunodeficiency can be successfully implemented across public health newborn screening programs, according to a new study published in the Aug. 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Anne Marie Comeau, PhD, deputy director of the New England Newborn Screening Program and professor of pediatrics and Beverly Hay, MD, chief of pediatric genetics and assistant professor of pediatrics, were quoted in the article.
    Science Daily
    News Medical
    Science Codex
    Science Newsline

  • 08 - 19 - 14

    Could This Rash Mean Malignancy?

    Jonathan Kay, MD, professor of medicine, shares the case of a patient with a rash which is now thought to be a malignant tumor.
    Medscape Rheumatology

  • 08 - 19 - 14

    With electronic access, patients play active role in health records

    William F. Corbett, MD, clinical associate professor of medicine, talks about the benefits of electronic health records for patients and physicians.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 18 - 14

    Med students make health fundraising, awareness social

    An article about students using social media includes references to the recent Ice Bucket Challenge video featuring Chancellor Michael F. Collins and Professor of Neurology Robert H. Brown, Jr.
    AMA Wire

  • 08 - 18 - 14

    The Top 50 NIH-Funded Universities of 2014

    UMass Medical School ranks 41st among academic universities in NIH funding after receiving $94 million in NIH-backed grants during fiscal year 2014.
    Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

  • 08 - 16 - 14

    Worcester celebrates Latino culture

    Students from the University of Massachusetts Medical School offered free blood-pressure screenings at the 2014 Latin American Festival held on Saturday.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 15 - 14

    Engaged couple shares life, love and FSHD

    Charles P. Emerson, Jr., PhD, director of the Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Research Center and professor of cell and developmental biology, talks to WCVB about Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), an inherited form of muscular dystrophy that initially affects the skeletal muscles of the face, scapula and upper arms and eventually leads to paralysis.
    WCVB-TV Boston

  • 08 - 14 - 14

    Robin Williams' death highlights mental health crisis

    Suicide prevention experts Barry Feldman, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and Leonard Doerfler, PhD, adjunct associate professor of psychiatry, provide insights into recognizing the signs of depression that can lead to suicide.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 14 - 14

    UMass Medical sends supplies to fight Ebola in Africa

    With deep ties to Liberia and its health care system, UMass Medical School has collected and shipped potentially life-saving medical equipment to health care workers battling an Ebola outbreak in Liberia. Quoted in the articles are Donna Gallagher, MSN, MA, instructor in family medicine & community health and nursing and co-director of the UMMS Office of Global Health; Patricia McQuilkin, MD, clinical associate professor of pediatrics; and Deborah Noble, global health project coordinator.
    WCVB Channel 5 Boston
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 13 - 14

    On cancer's front line

    Peter E. Newburger, MD, professor of pediatrics and Lucio H. Castilla, PhD, associate professor of molecular medicine, receive $250,000 innovation grants from Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 12 - 14

    Worcester Heroin Overdoses by the Numbers

    Lynn Farrugia, MD, medical toxicology fellow, quoted in a story about the recent rise in heroin overdoses in Worcester.
    GoLocal Worcester

  • 08 - 11 - 14

    MicroRNA Levels Indicate Acetaminophen Poisoning In Blood Tests

    Victor R. Ambros, PhD, the Silverman Chair in Natural Sciences and professor of molecular medicine, has discovered a novel microRNA biomarker for acetaminophen poisoning.
    Chemical & Engineering News

  • 08 - 10 - 14

    Antonia "Toni" McGuire, president and chief executive officer, Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center

    In a profile interview with the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Antonia "Toni" McGuire, R.N., president and chief executive officer of the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, praises UMass Medical School and the Graduate School of Nursing for the quality of its nursing graduates.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 07 - 14

    Why the Hepatitis Cure Sovaldi Is a Budgetary Disaster for Prisons

    Warren J. Ferguson, MD, professor of family medicine & community health, is quoted in an article about the cost of treating inmates with a new hepatitis C drug.
    New York Times

  • 08 - 06 - 14

    More on Sleeping Pills and Older Adults

    Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD, the Dr. John Meyers Professor of Primary Care Medicine and professor of medicine and family medicine & community health, is quoted in an article about adverse drug reactions involving sedatives prescribed to the elderly which result in emergency room visits.
    Star Tribune
    New York Times
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 08 - 06 - 14

    Target self-perceptions to help kids with healthy weight loss: study

    Han-Yang Chen, a doctoral student in the GSBS, talks about a recent study which found that many overweight children don’t see themselves as obese or overweight.
    Pharmacy Times

  • 08 - 06 - 14

    UMass Medical Chancellor, Doctor Take ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ To Honor Late Gov. Cellucci

    UMass Medical School Chancellor Michael F. Collins and Chair and Professor of Neurology Robert H. Brown Jr., DPhil, MD, took the “Ice Bucket Challenge” on Wednesday, Aug. 6 to raise awareness of ALS.
    WBZ TV Boston
    WCVB Channel 5 Boston

  • 08 - 04 - 14

    All Germs Are Not Created Equal

    Celia Schiffer, PhD, professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology, is taking part in a panel discussion of the documentary “Resistance”, which chronicles the rise of antibiotic resistance in the 21st century.
    The UC Santa Barbara Current

  • 08 - 02 - 14

    Hundreds Lace Up for Gov. Paul Cellucci Tribute Road Race

    More than 1,000 people participated in the Governor Cellucci Tribute Road Race honoring former Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci's commitment to ALS research. Robert H. Brown, Jr., DPhil, MD, Leo P. and Theresa M. LaChance Chair in Medical Research, chair and professor of neurology, is quoted in the article. Proceeds will benefit the UMass ALS Cellucci Fund for ALS research at UMMS.
    Community Advocate
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    MetroWest Daily News

  • 08 - 01 - 14

    Ebola outbreak highlights need for IU-Liberia health collaboration

    An article about the Ebola outbreak in Liberia references the Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences launched in 2012.  The program, a partnership between UMass Medical School, University of Liberia (UL) and Indiana University (IU), was established to improve medical care for war-torn Liberians by establishing health care training programs in the impoverished African nation.
    Indiana University

  • 08 - 01 - 14

    Ideas welcomed on Cellucci memorial

    An article about Hudson officials looking for ideas on how to honor former Governor Paul Cellucci references the Governor Cellucci Tribute Road Race which will be held this Saturday, Aug. 2nd in Hudson.  Proceeds will benefit the UMass ALS Cellucci Fund for ALS research at UMMS.
    MetroWest Daily News

  • 08 - 01 - 14

    Real Faculty Flexibility

    An article about offering flexible work options to faculty includes comments from Luanne E. Thorndyke, MD, FACP, professor of medicine.
    Insider Higher Ed

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