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  • 03 - 31 - 11

    Hope for liver patients at UMass

    Worcester Telegram and Gazette
    Donna M. Ambrosino, MD, executive director of MassBiologics and professor of pediatrics, discusses a phase II clinical trial for MBL-HCV1, new treatment developed by MBL for the prevention of hepatitis C re-infection in liver transplant patients. Heidi Smith, MD, PhD, assistant professor in medicine, is pictured in the article.

  • 03 - 29 - 11

    HF Trials: Still No Country for Old Men or Women

    MedPage Today
    Jerry H. Gurwitz
    , MD, the Dr. John Meyers Professor of Primary Care Medicine and professor of medicine and family medicine & community health and Robert J. Goldberg, PhD, professor of medicine, comment on potential ways to recruit older patients into clinical trials.

  • 03 - 28 - 11

    Health Officials: Water Radiation No Need To Panic

    Christopher Rosenbaum, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine, explains to viewers that the radiation levels detected in Massachusetts rainwater as a result of the events in Japan posed little risk to residents. He stressed that testing will be ongoing and that people don’t need to take any special precautions.

  • 03 - 28 - 11

    Mr. Potato Head Goes to Medical School

    Association of American Medical Colleges
    Eric Dickson, MD, professor of emergency medicine and co-director of the medical error and patient safety interclerkship and Eric J. Alper, MD, professor of medicine, discuss a unique exercise designed to teach medical students the value of team work, communication and critical thinking. The story includes comments from third year medical student Jacob Klein.

  • 03 - 23 - 11

    Model Of human melanoma reveals new cancer gene

    Earning its stripes
    Eureka Alert
    Craig Ceol
    , PhD, assistant professor of program in molecular medicine, discusses his research into the melanoma- causing gene SETDB1.

    Zebrafish model reveals skin cancer-promoting gene

    Zebrafish Model of Human Melanoma Reveals New Cancer Gene
    Science Daily

    Model Of Human Melanoma Reveals New Cancer Gene
    Medical News Today

  • 03 - 23 - 11

    Red Cross recognizes acts of courage

    Worcester Telegram and Gazette
    The Red Cross recognizes Michael P. Hirsh, MD, professor of surgery and pediatrics, and Mariann M. Manno, MD, clinical associate professor of pediatrics and emergency medicine, for their work with the injury-prevention program for children.

  • 03 - 22 - 11

    Where job-seekers can find support

    Where job-seekers can find support
    Providence Journal
    An article about the West Warwick Job Club, established and run by Steve Colella, vocational rehabilitation counselor in Commonwealth Medicine’s Disability Evaluation Services.

  • 03 - 21 - 11

    Boston Globe: Talk therapy

    Talk therapy
    Boston Globe
    A look at how storytelling can lead to better health focuses on research by Thomas Houston II, MD, MPH, professor of quantitative health sciences and medicine, which found that pre-recorded videos of hypertension patients talking about their medical histories helped another group of patients with high blood pressure to control their condition over several months.

  • 03 - 21 - 11

    WCVB-TV: The Heart of a Child

    The Heart of a Child
    Chronicle, WCVB-TV
    Darshak Sanghavi
    , MD, assistant professor of pediatrics and chief of pediatric cardiology, explores the latest developments in pediatric heart care at UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Medical Center. The 30-minute program features ways to prevent defects through the use of folic acid prior to and during pregnancy, and new methods to detect cardiac problems, such as a program being implemented at UMass Memorial that uses pulse oximetry to screen all newborns for potentially dangerous defects.

  • 03 - 18 - 11

    Reuters, MedGuru: Mindfulness classes help women with hot flashes

    Mindfulness classes help women with hot flashes
    Reuters –
    Meditation helps ease hot flashes--study

    A study by James F. Carmody, PhD, associate professor of medicine, shows that meditation can help reduce the severity of menopausal hot flashes

    Meditation helps reduce hot flashes

  • 03 - 18 - 11

    T&G, MetroWest Daily News: Match Day coverage

    Medical match game
    Worcester Telegram and Gazette
    A story about yesterday’s Match Day focuses on fourth year medical students Edward Arous, Cari Beinbasset-Miller and Bram Geller. Chancellor Michael F. Collins, explained why Match Day is such as important milestone in a physician’s career.


    Local doctors-to-be find their match
    MetroWest Daily News
    A story about yesterday’s Match Day focuses on fourth year medical students Nihal Patel, Bonnie Vallie, William Daya, Aimee Falardeau, David Bick, Anna Shifrin, Sylvie (Boiteau) Stacy and Stephanie Ruest. Mai-Lan Rogoff, MD, associate dean for student affairs, talked about how important Match Day is for the students

  • 03 - 18 - 11

    T&G: An attack on women’s health

    An attack on women’s health
    Worcester Telegram and Gazette
    An op-ed by Jeremy Golding, MD, clinical professor of family medicine & community health, explores the impact that cutting Title X funding will have on the availability of preventative health care for women

  • 03 - 15 - 11

    Globe, Herald: UMass-UK sign stem cell agreement

    UMass-UK sign stem cell agreement
    Boston Globe – March 15, 2011

    UMass, UK stem cell banks announce agreement
    Boston Herald/Associated Press – March 15, 2011

    UMass, UK stem cell banks announce agreement
    Boston Herald/Associated Press – March 15, 2011
    The University of Massachusetts Human Stem Cell Bank and Registry and the United Kingdom Stem Cell Bank signed an agreement today to share best practices for stem cell banking.

  • 03 - 06 - 11

    Boston Globe: Changing our kids’ genes

    At the forefront of the field of epigenetics, Oliver J. Rando, MD, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology, explains how parents can affect the health of their children and grandchildren beyond DNA sequence. 

  • 03 - 03 - 11

    T&G: Sweet dreams, my pet

    A story about the dangers of contracting an illness from a family pet includes comments from Gail Scully, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine.

  • 03 - 02 - 11

    T&G: Even ‘good cancer’ is big deal

    An op-ed by Lisa McGovern, wife of U.S. Representative Jim McGovern and executive director of the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention program of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, references the medical research being done at UMass Medical School in the fight against cancer.

  • 03 - 01 - 11

    Boston Business Journal: Shields targets limited network health care plans

    A story about businesses benefitting from insurance companies looking to cut health care costs includes comments from Bob Seifert, principal associate at the Center for Health Law and Economics. (login required) 

  • 03 - 01 - 11

    PRWeb: MPD Foundation Advances Research With New Grant Awards

    Shaoguang Li, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine, receives a $150,000 grant from the MPD Foundation to confirm the identification of the gene Alox5 as a target for the treatment of polycythemia vera. 

  • 03 - 01 - 11

    Valley Advocate: What Women Need to Know

    Arlene Ash, PhD, professor of quantitative health sciences, will speak about health care coverage at a women’s health forum in Hadley. 

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