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Trainee Research Celebration

Date Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2024

2024 Research Trainee Celebration presenters

Our annual neurology trainee research celebration displays the ongoing scholarship and investigation in our department, and an opportunity to showcase the amazing work being done by current trainees.

photo of guests reviewing the poster presentations

Guests are invited to learn about the current basic science and clinical research.

Congratulations and Thanks to all presenters who participated in the poster session and shared their great work with everyone and to all who came and viewed the posters and engaged in discussion and inquiry.  Our department has a rich and enduring history of scientific discovery and innovation (that dates back to our founding chair Dr. David Drachman and was brought to even greater heights by Dr. Robert Brown's leadership) that we can be proud of and you are all part of that tradition

Congratulations to our outstanding platform presenters Nathaniel Barton, BS, for his talk on "Unbiased multiplex antigen screening of CSF detecting microbial and autoantigenic epitopes associated with Multiple Sclerosis" for the Basic Science Platform and to Bianca Trombetta, BA, for her talk on "CSF perturbation of human primary astrocytes to model the link between CSF pathogenicity and neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis" for the Clinical Science Platform. 

Special Thanks to our Honorary Speaker Clotide Lagier-Tourenne, MD, PhD, for an amazing talk on, "Disruption of RNA metabolism in neurodegenerative diseases and emerging therapeutic strategies".  

To learn more about our speakers and the program, click on the Ninth Annual Neurology Research Celebration page here.

Basic Science platform presenter, Nicholas Barton, receiving gift from Rigel Chan, PhD Honorary presenter, Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne, MD, PhD, MGH, receiving a gift from Daryl Bosco, PhD Clinical platform presenter, Bianca Trombetta receiving a gift from Christopher Hemond, MD
Presenter, Nicholas Barton with Rigel Chan, PhD Honorary Speaker, Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne, MD, PhD, MGH, with Daryl Bosco, PhD Presenter, Bianca Trombetta with Christopher Hemond, MD