Clinical responsibilities

Clinical responsibilities of the fellow involve four major areas: prenatal, antepartum, neonatal care and postdischarge follow-up. Prenatal and antepartum experience is obtained during a one month perinatal rotation. The fellow is supervised by three perinatologists and participates in both in-patient and outpatient areas in the teenage, diabetic and high-risk pregnancy clinics and attends the high-risk clinic conference (weekly). The fellow makes daily rounds on the antepartum high-risk floor with the perinatologist/residents and observes patients during labor to gain knowledge of abnormal labor, fetal distress evaluated by electronic monitoring, OCT, biophysical profiles, scalp pH and obstetrical anesthesia/analgesia.

The fellow also spends time in the antepartum ultrasound unit observing outpatient NST, biophysical profiles and diagnostic ultrasound for potential congenital anomalies which includes fetal echocardiography. The fellow attends regular lectures in obstetrics scheduled for the month. The fellow, during all NICU rotations, continues to expand knowledge in these areas through daily rounds and contact with perinatologists and obstetrical residents through consultation on high-risk pregnancies and discussions of cases at monthly perinatal morbidity/mortality conferences and follow-up of interesting cases conference. Combined OB/Neonatolgoy Journal Clubs are held every fifth Tuesday of the month. 

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